Study abroad scholarships

Some study abroad students may be able to apply for a scholarship to help meet the costs of studying overseas.

Read about host country scholarships and some external awards such as the British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX) scholarship. You may be able to find others.


Find out what scholarships are available to you to help you cover the costs of a study abroad year. 

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Funding from Leeds 

Available grants 

Various grants may be available to you for your year abroad.

The Student Finance Travel Grant is a means-tested grant which can help you claim reasonable costs towards your year abroad. For information on eligibility and costs covered by the grant, please see the Student Loans Company guidance on Full-time Travel Grants for students studying abroad or on a work placement

The University of Leeds Travel Grant Fact Sheet has additional information.

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, the UK Government launched the Turing Scheme. You can find out more about this on the Turing Scheme webpage.

Funding from external organisations 

British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX)

BUTEX awards eight scholarships of £500 to UK students studying outside Europe. To apply you must have been offered a study abroad placement by the Study Abroad Office. Leeds students have been successful in the past, so it is definitely worth applying.

More information and how to apply on the British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX) website


Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers scholarships for international students who are accepted by a Japanese university under a student exchange agreement. The scholarship is awarded on academic merit. Your host university in Japan will contact you if you are eligible to receive the scholarship and provide more information on the application process.

University of Leeds students were awarded this scholarship in the past.


Exchange students who are going to study in Mexico can choose to apply for the Mexican Government Scholarship Program

This scholarship is offered by the Mexican Government with the aim of strengthening international academic cooperation worldwide. 


The DUO-Singapore Fellowship Programme is awarded by the Singapore government to promote academic exchanges between full-time undergraduate students who are Singapore(or ASEAN citizens) and students from universities in European ASEM member countries. Students spending a year at the National University of Singapore may be eligible.

DUO awards are intended to promote student mobility. Students form an exchange pair with a student from a partner university in Singapore, so there must be an equal number of applicants from Leeds and the partner institution for every student to apply. Successful ‘duos’ will be awarded a maximum of 4,000 euros each. The scholarships are awarded on merit.

South Korea

The DUO-Korea Fellowship Programme aims to promote exchanges of people between Korea and European countries. Your host university in South Korea will contact you if you are eligible to apply.


DUO-Thailand Fellowship Programme aims to enhance a balanced mobility of students between Thailand and 30 ASEM member states in Europe by supporting paired-based and two-way study abroad exchanges. Through this scheme students are eligible to receive up to €3,200 (€800 per month, for four months).


You may be able to find other scholarship opportunities via the award-winning scholarship portal, the European Funding Guide.

More ad-hoc funding provided by individual partner universities will be advertised on the Host University Catalogue.

Additionally, students are welcome to carry out their own research on potential scholarships that may be available to them. There are websites available such as Diversity AbroadThe Scholarship Hub and Top Universities which list an array of scholarships that are available. However, do ensure you are eligible for the scholarships you wish to apply for, ensure that the information is up-to-date and it comes from a reputable source. You can always contact the Outgoing Study Abroad Team if you require a second opinion.