If your student loan is delayed

You will usually receive your Student Loan at the start of your course as specified in your payment schedule from the Student Loans Company. However you must have met the requirements below in order for this to happen.

Requirements for your loan to be paid

  • All students must register with the University
  • If you’re a first-year student you must have had your identity checked on campus.
  • Have you returned your signed declaration form to the Student Loans Company and have they confirmed your loan is ready to pay?

You can print a copy of your declaration form by logging into your online student finance account and “viewing correspondence”. Sign and return a copy to the Student Loans Company.

When the Student Loans Company receives your declaration form, the University will be asked to confirm that you have registered. We confirm this electronically once you've registered and had your identity check carried out. We don't have to scan your letter (even if Student Finance England tells you we have to).

Next steps

If you've completed all the checks and have still not received your first student loan instalment into your nominated bank account then log into your online student finance account and view your evidence screen. It’s possible that:

  • Some supporting evidence might be outstanding. If this is the case but you've sent it all then a member of our Student Funding team can investigate for you. You'll need to be present when we call them or set up a password with Student Finance England so that we can do it in your absence.
  • Student Finance England might think you're registering at a different university.

If it remains unclear why your loan is delayed, call Student Finance England on 0300 100 0607. They will tell you what is causing the delay and may be able to tell you how long you'll have to wait for your money.

Interim funding options

When you know the reason and length of the delay it will help you plan interim funding options. These might include:

  • Borrowing from friends and family
  • Using an interest-free bank overdraft
  • Contacting the Funding team particularly if you have exhausted other options and need money to cover essential food and travel to the University