Postgraduate Loan Application

Postgraduate Loans are available for students who meet the criteria set out by the Student Loans Company and are provided to help contribute towards study related costs associated with Masters and Doctoral degrees.

The eligibility criteria relating to the Postgraduate Master’s Loan and Postgraduate Doctoral Loan is available here.

Selecting the correct course when applying

When you apply for a Postgraduate Master’s Loan or a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan you will need to select the correct course from the application drop-down list.

It is important to note:

  • Postgraduate Master’s Loan courses are listed using the actual University course title. For example, Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy
  • Postgraduate Doctoral Loan courses are listed based on the school/department in which you will be studying. For example, if you are going to be studying full time in the School of English the course title you would select when applying for a Doctoral Loan would be, ‘Doctoral Course in English FT’. 

If the course you wish to study is not available to choose from the drop-down list when you apply for funding from the Student Loans Company, please contact the University of Leeds Student Funding team.

Receiving your loan

Masters Loans

You will need to have completed online registration at the University and completed your identity check in order to receive your Postgraduate Student Loan.  This is because universities are required to verify your identity before sending confirmation of registration to the Student Loans Company.   The University of Leeds will therefore only confirm your registration, which is the mechanism to release the payment, once BOTH of these steps have been completed. The loan will be paid directly to you, and can be used as a contribution towards your tuition fee or living costs.

Doctoral Loans

You will need to have completed online registration, completed your identity check, and confirmed you meet all of the eligibility criteria via an online declaration form. The link to the online declaration form will be emailed to you once we receive notification that your loan has been approved. We are required by the Student Loans Company to verify your ID and check your eligibility for the loan product before confirming your registration.  After the University confirms your registration with the Student Loan Company the loan will be paid directly to you, and can be used as a contribution towards your course fees or living costs.

This applies to both students in attendance on campus and also students studying by distance learning who will be required to follow the same online procedures.

Suspension of studies

Unlike undergraduate student loans, postgraduate loans are non-means tested and a standard amount is awarded based on the year you commence your studies.  

If you need to suspend your studies any postgraduate loan paid to you before the approved suspension date will not be clawed back by the Student Loans Company – it is yours to keep, and any remaining PG Loan will be paid to you when you resume your studies.  If at the point of suspension you have been paid the maximum amount of loan you will not receive any further loan payments when you return to your studies.