Finding a job

If you're studying at Leeds, whether you are allowed to work or volunteer, and for how many hours a week will depend on your visa.

There are some international students who won't be allowed to work or volunteer in the UK. Find out if the work restrictions affect you.

Almost a third of the students at the University work during term time so the competition for jobs is high. If you want to have the best possible chance of finding a job, learn how to write a good CV and present yourself well in application forms and at interviews.

The Careers Centre


It's a good idea to visit the Careers Centre before you make a job application or attend an interview. The Centre offers help with understanding the skills employers require; making good applications; presenting your skills; writing effective CVs; and developing your interview skills.


They also run events to help you understand what UK employers look for and improve your presentation skills. Contact the Careers Consultants to get face-to-face advice, ask questions by email or visit the Careers Centre website.



The Joblink student employment service in Leeds University Union is the first place to look for a part-time job on campus or with an external employer. The service advertises part-time jobs and voluntary opportunities and provides advice on all aspects of working in the UK.

Newspaper advertisements


You can also look for work in the local newspaper, the Yorkshire Evening Post on a Thursday, when jobs are advertised.

Recruitment, temping and employment agencies


These agencies recruit part-time temporary staff for offices, telephone call centres, hotels, bars, hospitals, care homes, and other workplaces. Find their details under "employment agencies" in the Yellow Pages phone directory or by searching the internet.

Jobs, wages, terms and conditions


Typical student jobs are working in cafes or restaurants, cleaning, or clerical work. You can find out about the minimum wage for different jobs online. If you have concerns about the terms or conditions of your work, visit the Student Advice Centre.

National Insurance and tax


International students and their family members who work in the UK are required to pay National Insurance in the same way as UK citizens. Have a look at our Tax & National Insurance page for more details.