Cultural differences and culture shock

Living in a new country can be very exciting, but you may find the changes can feel difficult and stressful for a while.

Things like the climate, food and behaviour in social and academic situations may all be different to what you're used to, and some of the people around you may have different values and viewpoints.

What can you do?

There are many different things that you can do to help feel more at home and confident in your new surroundings. Whether it's meeting other people who are away from home, getting involved in Global Community activities, being part of clubs or societies or just understanding things to do to help you feel more at home, then the University can help.

Feeling at Home in Leeds

The Feeling at Home in Leeds online guides and group workshops help you settle in, adapt to changes and make the most of all the opportunities for learning and personal growth.

In the Feeling at Home in Leeds online guides you’ll hear from students and postgraduate researchers who’ve shared their stories of making the transition to living and studying in Leeds.

Free courses of Feeling at Home in Leeds group workshops also run at different times of the year for international (including EU) students and postgraduate researchers. The course provides an opportunity to share your experiences of culture change and help each other develop strategies for making the most of your intercultural experience at Leeds.

International Student Office 

The International Student Office can offer you support and guidance about settling in and living in the UK. You can speak to the team at the enquiry desk who will be able to offer suggestions and help you feel at home.

Student Counselling and Wellbeing

Student Counselling and Wellbeing provides help if you're experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. Coming for counselling is not a sign of weakness, but a positive move towards addressing your problems. Counsellors won't be able to provide instant solutions, but will listen to you, help you increase your self-awareness and find ways to work through the issues you're facing.

Culture Shock Comedy Drama

The Leeds Universities' Chaplaincy hosts a Culture Shock Comedy Drama which is performed every year for new international students to demonstrate some of the challenges you may face when living as a student in a foreign country.

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