Support in response to UK and world events

When UK and world events affect members of our community we know how important it is to have the right support. 

We understand that UK and world events can have an impact on many different aspects of our students’ lives and can also sometimes affect good relations between people. If you're affected by events there are many places at the University where you can find support, whether you’re looking for practical help, advice, or someone to talk to.  

Student information service

Got a question or need support? Get in touch with the friendly team in the Student Information Service (SIS). You can call them, email them, or visit them at one of five Student Information Points on campus. They will also be able to help you navigate the different support options that are available if you’re not sure what to do. 

Leeds University Union (LUU) help and support

LUU’s Help and Support team offer a professional, friendly service and can offer: general advice, help with personal, financial and academic issues, advice on group support and solidarity activity, and support for students experiencing harassment or a hate incident. 

Contact the Help and Support team by sending an email to or visit the Help and Support website to find out about how you can access their services.  

School support team and your personal tutor/supervisor

Talk to staff in your school if you find that the situation is affecting your studies, so they can advise and support you during this time.

Universities Chaplaincy 

The Chaplains and the Muslim Student Adviser are here to listen and offer pastoral and spiritual support. They also help with group activity such as reflection, unity events and vigils.

Student Counselling and Wellbeing

Student Counselling and Wellbeing offer free professional and confidential counselling and wellbeing and mental health support through groups, workshops, single-session consultations, short-term counselling and web-based services and resources such as online mental health service Togetherall

For more information visit the Counselling and Wellbeing webpage.

Student Visa Advice

Our Student Visa Advice Team offer immigration and visa advice. The Your Visa webpage provides more advice and information on visas.

Student Societies

If you’d like to talk about how current world events are affecting you, Leeds University Union student clubs and societies can also be an important source of support and friendship.


Leeds Nightline offers wellbeing support service for students at universities in Leeds. They are a student society based at Leeds University Union and aim to ensure all students attending universities in Leeds have access to the service. You can get in contact by instant message, email or phone.  


If you experience or witness an incident of concern, you can tell the University through a disclosure form on the Report+Support website. You can share what has happened anonymously or provide your contact details so that a member of the Harassment and Misconduct Team can offer you support and guidance.

If you don't feel ready to tell us what has happened but would like to access support, you can explore the articles on the Report+Support website or you can email us at