About the Leeds Partnership

The University of Leeds and Leeds University Union have brought staff and students together to create and agree a shared set of expectations known as The Leeds Partnership.

The Leeds Partnership is made up of three core commitments relating to both students and staff:

  • to be responsible, accessible and respectful
  • to prepare for, engage with and contribute to learning at Leeds
  • to help each other to reflect, develop and improve.

The Leeds Partnership reflects and codifies the agreements and expectations that exist not only between staff and students, but also within these groups on a peer-to-peer level.

The Leeds Partnership is a recognition of the fact that being part of the University community is a participatory process with shared responsibilities between students and staff for making the most of the opportunities that are available.

Building on a strong foundation

The Union and University have worked together to ensure everyone within the University community – staff, students, and postgraduate researchers – understands and uses The Leeds Partnership. For example, teaching schools engage both staff and students to implement and embed The Leeds Partnership’s values and ethos. This is done through activities such as regular programme meetings between students and teaching staff; strong student representation on school Student Staff Partnership Forums including involvement of student society representatives; student-run module surveys; programme review sessions built into personal tutorials and the inclusion of students in recruitment of academic staff and prospective students.

Students sit on all of the University’s major committees so that they can have input into decision-making at the highest levels, and are able to shape the future of the University.

The Partnership Awards

The annual Partnership Awards celebrate the achievements of both staff and students who truly put The Leeds Partnership into practice: reflecting in their teaching and learning, projects, and behaviour, the values of The Leeds Partnership that are so essential to the student experience at Leeds. 

Visit the University Union's Partnership Awards website to find out more.