University mental health advisors

If you are experiencing a mental health difficulty, the Mental Health team can provide a range of free, confidential support appropriate to your personal and academic needs.

Our Mental Health Advisors work with students with a serious mental health condition diagnosed by an NHS secondary care Psychiatrist. We will work with you to help you manage your mental health difficulties in relation to your time at the University of Leeds and your studies. 

If you are concerned that your mental health is impacting your ability to study and cope with life at university, you can register for support through the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Hub.

Mental health support

We offer one-to-one ongoing support. This support might be one session for signposting to other services or we can support you for the duration of your time at university. The type and duration of support will be determined by you and your advisor during your first appointment.

The support you receive will be determined by what you want and need in terms of your diagnosis. For example, we may work with you to develop a support plan to help you identify and manage your symptoms. We can also implement existing care plans or support you in developing one.

Working with external services

If you are currently working with a secondary service, such as a Community Mental Health Team, psychiatrist or psychologist, we can offer support to supplement this external care. We can also support you in accessing external services and make onward referrals.

If you are finding it difficult to disclose or explain your condition to your school, friends or family, we can support you with this if requested.

Support from Disability Services

In addition to support from the Mental Health team, you may be able to receive support from Disability Services depending on the nature of your mental health condition.

General equipment and support services are available to all disabled students. You may also be able to get condition-specific help if you apply for additional funding. This might include:

  • weekly one-to-one learning strategy support

  • opportunities to attend study skills workshops

  • personalised specialist mentoring to help you stay on track with academic work, organise your studies and help you settle into life at the University

How can you get the help you need?

To ensure you get the help you need, we encourage you to explore the following options:

To access some of the services, your mental health condition needs to have lasted, or be likely to last, for 12 months or more and have an impact on your studies. You will need to provide medical evidence from your GP or other mental health professional about the nature of your mental health condition.