Disability Services at Leeds

Disability Services provides support to both current and prospective disabled students at the University of Leeds. 

We are here to support you in your academic studies by: 

  • Advising your academic School on the support you may need in your learning 
  • Recommending academic adjustments for your course 
  • Giving you advice on a range of matters, from funding to assistive technology 
  • Providing you with ongoing support throughout your time at Leeds 

Disabled students make up over 14% of the student body at Leeds. We know that the word “disability” can mean different things to different people, and you may not have thought of yourself as being disabled before. But it is worth considering whether you might be entitled to support.

We support people who:

  • are D/deaf or hearing impaired
  • are blind or visually impaired
  • have a physical disability, and/or mobility difficulties
  • have a specific learning difficulty (for example, dyslexia or dyspraxia)
  • have a neurodevelopmental condition (for example, AD(H)D)
  • have a neurological condition (for example, MS, epilepsy, Tourette Syndrome, stammer)
  • are autistic
  • have a mental health condition
  • have a long-term medical condition (e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, diabetes, cancer, HIV)
  • have a combination of these

This is not exhaustive list. Please contact us if you have any questions about the support we offer.

Quick links 

Find out more about our Service and how to access support in our student handbook:

Prospective Student Handbook (PDF) / Prospective Student Handbook (Word)

Contact us 

Contact our friendly team on disability@leeds.ac.uk or by calling 0113 343 3927 to arrange a call back with a Disability Advisor. We do our best to respond within 24 hours, although this may be longer peak times.

Follow our Service on social media to keep up to date with disability news and events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Exam arrangements 

If you would like to request adjustments for your university exams, please visit our exam adjustments information page.