Disabled Students' Access Fund

The Disabled Students Access Fund is open to applications from current disabled students.

This fund can cover short-term support for non-academic related activities where there is no other source of support available. Examples of the support that this funding may be provided for include:

  • if you have just arrived at the University and require support to access essential facilities such as a bank, supermarket, doctor’s surgery or other off-site facility whilst awaiting or undergoing mobility training.
  • if you require someone to accompany you to access a club, society or recreational facility for the first time prior to arrangements with this group for ongoing support. Please note this support will only be available once.
  • support to participate in an activity that is relevant but not directly related to your course of study where reasonable adjustments by the provider will not fully address your support needs.

Please note, this is a limited fund with an expected funding limit of £100 per person. As a guide, £100 would cover 6 hours of Personal Assistant support. Requests over the funding limit will be considered in exceptional circumstances.  

To apply for this funding, please complete the short form. If the support you are applying for is needed within seven days of application, please contact Disability Services.