Ramadan arrangements

The University provides facilities and arrangements for you to observe Ramadan while on campus. In 2019 it’s between 6 May and 4 June depending on the calendar.

The Islamic Society is hosting a free Iftar meal every Thursday after Sunset Prayer in the Green Room. 

There are Islamic prayer areas currently available on campus. 

The Green Room is next to the Conference Auditorium and the Edge Sports centre, and has two floors providing the same facilities, one for brothers and one for sisters. It provides a prayer room and wudhu facilities as well as a common room and kitchen on both floors.

Cemetery Lodge is at the entrance of St George’s Field and can hold 40-50 men and 20-30 women.

Both of the Green Room and Cemetery Lodge will be available 24 hours a day during Ramadan. 

You can find out much more about these spaces and others on campus on the LUU Islamic Society website.

You can also find prayer times.

Access to the Green Room and Cemetery Lodge is controlled by key codes and these can be obtained from info@leedsisoc.com or the Equality Policy Unit on equality@leeds.ac.uk

The University’s Chaplaincy Team offers support to staff and students.  

The University’s Muslim Student Adviser is able to offer, information, advice, guidance and support.  Her details are: Farhat Yaqoob - 0113 343 5071,  f.yaqoob@leeds.ac.uk

Facilities and services are available nearby at the Grand Mosque in Leeds. 

Advice, support and guidance is also available to managers, staff and students from the Equality Policy Unit: 0113 343 3964 or at equality@leeds.ac.uk


Leeds University Student Islamic Society

Sabiha Patel, Head of Equality and Inclusion 

Equality Policy Unit  epusp@leeds.ac.uk 0113-343-3964 or equality@leeds.ac.uk

Farhat Yaqoob, Muslim Student Adviser f yaqoob@leeds.ac.uk 0113 343 5071 

Universities’ Chaplaincy in Leeds chaplaincy@leeds.ac.uk 0113 343 5071