Ramadan Support

Find out more about Ramadan, including facilities and arrangements for students observing Ramadan and opportunities to learn more about this holy month and supporting fellow students who are fasting. In 2023, Ramadan will be between 22 March and 21 April, depending on the sighting of the moon.

*This page was last updated on 24 March and will be updated with further information over the coming weeks.

Ramadan in Leeds

Each year many members of our university community observe Ramadan and come together for an Eid celebration at the end of the month of fasting. There are different ways for you to get involved with Ramadan celebrations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ramadan and what this time means to our University community, why not read our blogs:

If you’re going to be observing Ramadan away from home this year, this can be a very different experience especially if you moved to Leeds from abroad. Perhaps the days are longer in the UK compared to where you’re from or you may not know where to go to celebrate Ramadan in Leeds.

University of Leeds student Vita’s blog, has some great advice on  4 ways to get ready for Ramadan – we hope you find some useful tips to help you prepare.     

Leeds is an extremely multicultural city, with many mosques dotted around, including Leeds Grand Mosque. This is the largest mosque in Leeds and offers a range of support to the Leeds Muslim community during Ramadan, including community iftars and taraweeh prayers throughout the month.

We’re also glad to announce that the University will be offering weekly hot iftars on campus! The Ramadan iftar programme will give you the chance to come together and break the fast with other members of our Muslim university community weekly during Ramadan. Check times and locations below.

Prayer Spaces

Check our prayer, contemplation and faith-based support page for opening hours of prayer spaces and wudu facilities. 

Cemetery Lodge opening times won’t change during Ramadan. You can access Cemetery Lodge Monday to Sunday between 08.00 and 22.00. 

The Green Room will be open between Monday 20 March and Wednesday 5 April from 11:00 until 23:00 every day, including weekends. The Green Room will remain closed during the Easter break and will reopen from Wednesday 12 April until Tuesday 25 April from 11:00 until 23:00.

Ramadan iftar programme

We know that breaking the fast during Ramadan is a time to bring people together. From Wednesday 29 March there will be hot iftars on campus available to students and staff observing Ramadan. 

The Ramadan iftar programme will be offered on campus at the following times:

  • Wednesday 29 March at 19:41 – this event is now sold out.

  • Wednesday 5 April at 19:51 – this event is now sold out.

  • Wednesday 12 April at 20:04 – book your place

  • Wednesday 19 April at 20:17 – book your place 

Booking your iftar place 

  • You’ll need to book to attend each iftar session in advance. 
  • If you attend without a booking, we cannot guarantee you will be allowed to join the gathering. Our catering numbers are based on pre-booking. 
  • Bookings will open at 06:00 on the Friday before each iftar and will close around 12:00 on the Monday of the week when the iftar is taking place. For example, if you’d like to attend the iftar on 29 March, you’ll be able to book your place from 06:00 on Friday 24 March until 12:00 on Monday 27 March.

Celebrating Eid in Leeds

Whether you’ll be celebrating the end of Ramadan or not, Eid is a day of happiness, joy, and love. Be sure to share that with everyone. 

If you’re spending Eid in Leeds you might be worried about missing celebrating with family and friends back home. Leeds is an extremely inclusive city where you can find everything you need to ensure you have a great Eid celebration here.

From sourcing traditional clothing or the right ingredients to cook Seviyan to celebrating Chand Raat and joining in Eid prayers, check Affan’s blog on preparing for and celebrating Eid in Leeds.

Eid celebrations on campus

In addition to what the city has to offer, the University of Leeds will also be hosting an event for Muslim students to celebrate Eid on our campus.

Don’t miss our Eid celebrations on Thursday 27 April at 13:00 at the Refectory. Booking information will be here soon.

Asking for help during Ramadan

If you’re looking for information, advice, guidance or support, you can contact the University’s Muslim Student Adviser – Farhat Yaqoob.  

The Leeds University Union Islamic Society (ISOC) is also a great point of contact for peer support. 

If you’re looking for community facilities and services are available nearby, check what’s on offer at the Leeds Grand Mosque.

For any other questions, please contact the Student Information Service.