Your future

Not sure where you’ll be after uni? Feeling stuck with planning your next steps?

Don’t worry.

Most people don’t have a “plan” - and what you do straight after uni won’t necessarily dictate the rest of your working life!

Your career is likely to take unexpected twists and turns, and you’ll develop as you go.

The University’s ‘Your future’ framework is designed to help you make the most of your time at Leeds, discover opportunities and options and make decisions about your next steps.

There are three elements to the framework: Discover, Develop, and Decide, all circling one vital word – Act.

This illustrates a journey that isn’t necessarily down one path, you could decide something and then change your mind! 

You’ll likely cycle between all points, even throughout your professional life. But it’s important to Act, no matter where you are.

Your future


It is only by doing something that you will move forwards; therefore action underpins every element of the framework.  This does not need to be a big thing, it might be coming for a careers appointment, attending an event, or any number of other things, but action and review are crucial to progress throughout your career and professional life.


This is about starting to consider, research and identify your professional interests.

It might include discovering what opportunities are open to you as a student at Leeds, discovering what other students have gone on to do, discovering your own values, strengths and interests, discovering trends in your sector/s of interest, or opportunities for further study.

Example resources to help:


This is about development in its broadest sense: It might be you developing specific skills or experiences, it might be developing your awareness of options, or developing your understanding of your interests, values and motivations.

Example resources to help:


The focus here is on shorter-term decisions, as opposed to deciding what to do with the rest of your life.

Ultimately, it is about deciding what to do immediately after university, but this may comprise various smaller decisions such as deciding to explore certain sectors, to do some work experience and apply for certain opportunities or further study, to seek support or anything else.

Example resources to help:


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