Travelling home internationally while COVID-19 restrictions apply

We know that COVID-19 and travel restrictions have made international travel more difficult for members of our community who live outside the UK.

You may be making complex decisions about whether you can or should travel outside the UK during your studies.  This page provides information and support if you are considering travelling out of the UK during University vacations for personal or leisure reasons, and then returning to Leeds.  

You must consider requirements in place at your destination and the UK government requirements for people arriving in England.  Here are some important things to consider when deciding to travel and planning your trip. 

Check the latest UK Government guidance on international travel and returning to England

Official travel advice to and from the UK is being regularly updated. You must follow the latest UK government guidance on international travel.  

Follow government safer travel advice while in the UK to ensure you are travelling safely. You must not travel if you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). You must follow all safety guidance even if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The rules you must follow on your return to England depend on whether you qualify as fully vaccinated under the rules for travel to England.  Check that you understand how the rules apply to you before you leave the UK. We also recommend that you keep checking the requirements for proof of vaccination as changes are being made periodically. 

There are different rules if you have been in ‘red list’ country or territory in the 10 days before you arrive in England. Red list rules apply whether you are fully vaccinated or not. 

You should also be aware that these requirements could change while you are away, including countries being added to the ‘red list’. Changes could make it more difficult or expensive for you to return to the UK.  

If you are required to self-isolate on your return to England, check with your school what date you will need to be present on campus for any teaching or assessments. 

For further information about returning to Leeds, including advice on covid-19 travel requirements, visit our travel pages

Check requirements in place at your destination 

You should also check any restrictions in the country you are travelling to. For example, you may require evidence of a negative COVID-19 test and you may need to undertake a period of self-isolation in that country. You should also check if your airline has any additional requirements, and whether you are subject to any restrictions related to travel insurance. 

COVID-19 testing for international travel  

Depending on the rules in place at your destination, you may need proof of a negative COVID-19 test. You must check the testing requirements for your airline and your destination. It is likely that you will require a PCR test. You can search online for private COVID-19 PCR testing in Leeds. The tests provided for free on campus are Lateral Flow tests so cannot be used to to meet these requirements. It is not possible to get a free COVID-19 PCR test from the NHS for international travel purposes. 

If you need support 

If you have questions about travelling from or to the UK, you can contact  

We understand that some students may need to incur unexpected costs in order to travel for welfare reasons. If these costs are causing you financial pressure, contact LUU Help and Support for advice about sources of financial assistance.

If you are unable / decide not to travel home internationally during vacation periods 

There is support available for students who stay in Leeds during vacations. Find out more about holiday opening hours, support and events.