Coping with crime

If you're a victim of crime while in Leeds then we can help you and we can also signpost you to other support organisations.

University support

  • The Harassment and Misconduct Team: specialist, experienced advisors who can talk through your options around reporting as well as considering support available to you, both practically and emotionally. 
  • Leeds University Union Help and Support (LUU): experienced advisers can offer you practical, legal and emotional support.
  • Student Counselling and wellbeing : if you want to talk about your experience you can receive confidential one-to-one support from an experienced counsellor.
  • Your tutor/supervisor: if you feel that your experience could have an impact on your studies then let your tutor or supervisor know that you have been a victim of crime. You can submit a mitigating circumstances letter. Your personal tutor details are on the Leeds for Life website.

Other support

Victim Support: if you're a victim of crime or you witness a crime then you can receive online and telephone support.

Hate crime

What is hate crime?

A hate crime is a criminal offence that a victim or another person thinks was motivated by hatred of someone because of their:

  • ethnicity
  • nationality
  • religion
  • gender
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • disability.

Hate crime might include:

  • verbal abuse or insults
  • offensive graffiti
  • neighbour disputes
  • threats
  • physical attacks.

Reporting hate crime

You can report hate crime in confidence to the Student Advice Centre in the University Union. The Student Advice Centre can give you support and can help you to report the incident to the police and to the University authorities.

The Student Advice Centre can report the crime anonymously for you. Your report will be taken very seriously and will be investigated.

You can also use the online reporting system

If you are the victim of a hate incident, or if you feel you have suffered discrimination, please report this immediately even if you feel you have no evidence.

Stop Hate UK

You can also report a hate incident and get support by phoning the Stop Hate UK phone line on 0800 138 1625, available 24 hours a day or by using the online web chat service.