If you have children, it's likely that at some stage you'll need to arrange childcare so you can concentrate on your studies.

The Family Information Service Leeds

The Family Information Service Leeds can help you find information and support with your childcare needs and provides information about childminders, nurseries, playgroups and out-of-school play schemes. Some funding may be available depending on your child’s age and your circumstances. Ask your childcare provider or The Family Information Service Leeds for more information.

Your childcare options

If you have school-age children then many schools have economically-priced before- and after-school clubs that run during term-time and some can offer holiday clubs, too. 

Childcare for pre-school-age children can be expensive and your child may have to go on a waiting list for a place. You can choose from nurseries, pre-schools and private childminders, including the University nursery, Bright Beginnings. Bright Beginnings offers some free stay and play sessions.

There are a range of different childcare options to suit your needs and budgets. You should look into your options carefully as you may need to use a variety of different services at different times of the year to suit your academic timetable. Here are some of the options available in Leeds:

  • Childminders:

    • look after children in their home

    • are self-employed

    • have variable availability. 

  • Nurseries, including the University's Bright Beginnings nursery:

    • provide care and education for children under five.

  • Before- and after-school  clubs:

    • offer care for school-age children.

  • Play schemes, including the University's Bright Beginnings:  

    • operate during school holidays. 

  • Nursery classes:

    • provided by some schools for children aged between three and five.

    • some schools, such as the nearby Rosebank Primary School also have spaces for two year olds. 


  • You'll need to consider the cost of childcare when planning your finances.

  • There may be a waiting list for childcare.