How to move out like a pro

Moving out at the end of the year can be a hassle, and so we’ve put together some tips  to make this year’s moving out period an easy transition.

If you're moving out of University or private accommodation, there's a list of things that you can do to make it easier and help our local communities.


Got a bunch of stuff you no longer need? Before you bin it, donate it!  

Most halls have a British Heart Foundation (BHF) collection bank for you to donate your unwanted items - fill up a red BHF bag which are provided at your accommodation site and place in the BHF communal collection bins.

If you are living in a shared house, simply leave your donations in the blue bag provided outside your gate by midday on our collection days (21st & 28th June) and we will pick it up and pass your donations on to local charities. Alternatively, you can drop off your items at Wrangthorn church on the 26th and 27th June.  

If you have unopened, in-date, and non-perishable food you can drop it off at these donation points:

  • Residents’ Collections, 27th and 28th June. Residents will be providing drop-off points in their gardens.

Or take it to:

  • Rainbow Junktion: Monday, Thursday, and Fridays from 12–3 pm, All Hallows’, 24 Regent Terrace, LS6 1NP
  • Gateway Church: Tuesdays and Thursdays 15–29th June, St Mark’s House, Church Ave, St Mark’s Rd, Woodhouse, LS2 9AF


· Update your address on all your bills and other accounts (phone, Amazon, etc). It's important to keep old bills for a while - you may need them next year.

· Shred or destroy anything you get rid of which may have details someone could steal.

· Make sure you get meter readings when the last person leaves 

· A few weeks before you move out, contact the utility companies and let them know that you will be closing the account soon. On your final day take your meter readings, inform the companies to close your account and give them a forwarding address to send the bill. Do keep a record of the meter readings. Once paid, make sure you send proof to the landlord/agent. 


Did you know that every year over 70 truckloads of waste is produced when students move out each year? Dispose of this properly or your landlord can charge you for extra cleaning. If you have too much for your general waste bin take your rubbish to the tip. 


Been hoarding glass in your garden with the intention of recycling it?   Put those good intentions into practice and take your glass to your nearest bottle bank. (No you can’t put them in your green bin!) Download the Leeds Bins app to find your nearest.


Use up any food you have stored away in the cupboards and freezer before buying any more. If you have any food leftover at the end of year, you can drop these off at one of our community collection points. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on collections near you.


It's boring, but get it done. It's the biggest cause of lost deposits or bonds. Do your room properly (including walls) and share the cleaning for shared spaces. That includes your garden and outside spaces! It's likely you'll be charged a lot for someone to clean the oven if you don't! 


Sell your unwanted textbooks, clothes, electricals, and media and get some extra cash. Check out GumtreeFacebook Marketplace, Shpock, and Fatbrain


For guidance on moving out of University accommodations see the University webpages. It covers all the information you need to know about leaving your accommodation, including how to return your keys, how to leave your accommodation in a clean and tidy condition and how to request your deposit refund.