5 things to do when moving out

If you're moving out of University or private accommodation, there's a list of things that you can do to make it easier. Planning ahead will help you get things done smoothly and be much more likely to get your deposit or bond back.

Get rid of things you don't need

Pack sensibly

Pack away things you don't need immediately, for instance winter clothes, University equipment and kitchen items. You can get boxes from shops or buy cheap storage boxes. Make sure you label them as you'll be glad in the future. If you need to, search for storage options if you want to keep your stuff safe over the summer.

Sort house admin

  • Update your address on all your bills and other accounts (phone, Amazon etc). It's important to keep old bills for a while - you may need them next year.
  • Shred or destroy anything you get rid of which may have details someone could steal.
  • Make sure you get meter readings when the last person leaves 


It's boring, but get it done. It's the biggest cause of lost deposits or bonds. Do your room properly (including walls) and share the cleaning for shared spaces. It's likely you'll be charged a lot for someone to clean the oven if you don't! 

Return your keys 

If you're in University accommodation, check with the reception desk, and arrange with your landlord if you're privately renting. You'll get charged if you don't return them, not just for the key, but for the cost of a professional to change the locks. 

If moving out has been really difficult and you're coming back to Leeds next year, plan what you need to bring in advance. You won't need six kettles. Have a chat with your second year housemates as soon as possible so you can plan who is bringing what for your new house. The British Heart Foundation will have a pop up shop outside the Union on 30 September, so you can always buy anything you don’t have from there.

Sustainability has more information on moving out