Eldon Court residents

The following page is for University of Leeds students who are residents of Eldon Court, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. 

Page last updated on Wednesday 15 February. 

On Tuesday 24 January, residents at Eldon Court (opposite the University) were evacuated following a West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service building survey because of concerns that they had about the safety of the building.   

If you’re a University of Leeds student who is affected (and had to leave Eldon Court), please contact our Accommodation Office team, who will help you with your accommodation questions. You can email them at accom@leeds.ac.uk or call on 0370 1200 189 / 0113 343 7777. 

Find out more from Leeds University Union (LUU) about support you can get from them.

Can I get my belongings?  

Contact Eldon Court to arrange when you can return to collect your belongings.  

How long will Eldon Court be closed for?  

Eldon Court should have been in touch with you during the week commencing Monday 6 February to provide an update. Please contact Eldon Court if you have not received this. 

I’ve been out of the country but live in Eldon Court  

We know this will be a worry for you. Get in touch with the Accommodation Office and they’ll be able to help you.   

Will I be able to get any rent I have paid to Eldon Court back?  

Yes. Eldon Court should have already been in touch with you during the week commencing Monday 6 February explaining how you can get back any rent you have paid for the time you have been unable to live there. Please contact Eldon Court if you have not received this. 

If you’re in financial difficulty then you may be able to apply for financial support from the University to help with living expenses through the Leeds Financial Assistance Fund

How long can I stay in my emergency accommodation?  

Our Accommodation Office contacted you on Monday 13 February about whether you want to extend your stay in University accommodation. 

Will I have to pay for my emergency accommodation?  

Our Accommodation Office contacted you on Monday 13 February about when you will need to start paying for your accommodation. 

I’m unhappy with my emergency location  

Get in touch with the Accommodation Office and let us know about your situation. We’ll try to help, but please be aware that because of the limited number of rooms we have available we might not be able to offer you a choice.   

I’m staying in a University of Leeds accommodation. Who can I speak to about answering some questions I have?  

I’ve got assignments/deadlines that are coming soon – what can I do?  

Speak with your school. You can also speak to your Academic Personal Tutor.  

I want to speak to someone about how I’m feeling.  

When things like this happen, it can make you feel anxious or worried. You can speak in person to the Help and Support team in Leeds University Union (LUU) most weekdays between 8.30am and 7pm. You can also contact a Student Support Officer in your School, who can connect you with other wellbeing support. We also have Student Counselling and Wellbeing web pages to find out more about available support.  

I’m an international student. How will this affect my visa and my biometric residence permit? Do I need to do anything?  

If you're moving address (after you've stayed in emergency accommodation), you'll need to update your address details with UK Visas and Immigration and on Minerva too. Contact the Student Information Service if you have any questions.

I’m living with a different accommodation provider in Leeds and am worried about safety after this.   

If you live in a University of Leeds residence contact the Residence Life Warden or the site office in your halls of residence and they will be able to offer you support or get answers to any questions you have.   

If you’re in a non-University managed halls of residence, then contact the site office where you live. If you’re in a rented flat or house, then speak to your landlord. If you’re not able to get answers, then we suggest contacting Unipol or LUU Help and Support.  

I’m a parent of a student who is in University of Leeds halls of residence and want to speak to someone  

University of Leeds residences are well run and maintain high standards of fire safety. But if you have any if you have questions, particularly about safety, that you’d like answers to please contact the Accommodation Office. Eldon Court is not a University-run or partnered halls of residence.  

For GDPR reasons, we are not able to discuss an individual student with their parent or guardian, without that student’s permission to do so. Students, parents and guardians are welcome to continue checking our web pages which will be updated with relevant information. The safety of our students is our top priority, our accommodation website has more information on how we ensure the safety and security across all of our halls of residence.