Student insight team

The Student communications and engagement team manages, creates and curates content that educates, informs and supports you with all aspects of student life, from arriving to graduation.  

We do this by: 

  • Sending you emails about important topics 

  • Sending you a regular newsletter full of info, reminders, events, opportunities and much more 

  • Managing the For Students website, making sure the content is up to date and easy to understand 

  • Sharing news and events on our social media channels – Student Twitter, the current student Facebook Group, plus Instagram stories too.  

  • Creating tiles and notifications for the UniLeeds mobile app 

  • Working with others across the University – like the Library, LUU, Leeds Sport, Sustainability and your schools -  to make sure you get the information and support you need at the right time. 

To make sure we continue sharing the things you need, we want your insights and input to make sure we’re giving you what you need, when and how you need it. 

Join our student insight team 

We’d like you to get involved to help make existing and future communications to students the best they can be.  By telling us what you think about current or future campaigns, how we could make our communications clearer, completing surveys, joining panel discussions and much more; your voice can make a big difference to everyone.  

We’re keen to hear from you, whether you’re an undergraduate or studying for a Masters, live in halls or commute in from your home, are an international student, or are from an under-represented group. In fact, whoever you are, your voice, insight and experience will be a really big help to other students like you. 

Sign up to be a student insight representative 

We’ll periodically email you offering you a chance to get involved. This will normally be on a first come, first served basis, and depending on what we’re asking, and may be paid or give you the chance to be entered in a prize draw. Some of our quick questions might not offer a reward, but hopefully will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve been involved in helping other students.  

Data Protection 

The details you provide us with will only be used within the Student Communications and Engagement team, for the purpose of market research and insight. You can email us at if you have any further questions.  

Find out more about data protection at the University of Leeds