Taught student guidance

There are key activities in your life as a taught student at Leeds which you should be aware of. Find links to information within this website and elsewhere.

As a student you sign up to the Student Contract, agreeing to abide by the rules, regulations, procedures and codes governing your studies, learning and conduct at the University.

If you need pdf versions of the rules and regulations associated with this guidance, you can download a zip file: rules and regulations

Student regulations and rules

The University has a series of legal documents which lay down its powers, the way in which it acts and its requirements. These are the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations. All members of the University are subject to these.

The list of rules below are relevant to taught students of the University. By signing up to the student contract, you are agreeing to abide by these rules and regulations.

Arrival and induction

You should ensure you meet your financial obligations to the University and read the finance section of this website.

  • Arrival section in this site
  • Getting your student card
  • Finding your timetable
  • Accessing Minerva
  • Council tax exemption (full time students)
  • Registration, enrolment

    All students need to register at the start of each year of study. As part of the registration process you are expected to confirm your agreement to abide by the rules, regulations, procedures and codes governing your studies, learning and conduct at the University and use of the services provided by the University as given in the Student Contract.

    Making changes

    Often during your student career, you need to make changes such as address, module, programme or visa. The most 


    You should read a number of University policies which give your obligations on attendance at the University:

    We also provide guidance on other issues which may affect your attendance:

    Exams and assessment

    The University has a Code of Practice on Assessment which forms a key part of the Partnership. Your school will give you more detailed information, for example, about the deadlines for the submission and return of assessed work and the procedures which must be followed.

    You should also read our guidance on mitigating circumstances if you miss an exam or assessment due to illness or challenging circumstances.

    Cheating and plagiarism

    Complaints and appeals 


    Through the University's student complaints procedure, we aim to investigate and resolve - effectively, fairly and transparently - any concern raised by a registered undergraduate or postgraduate student.

    Read the full student complaints procedure

    Contacts for complaints:

    LUU Student Advice Centre
    LUU Building 
    Tel: (0113) 380 1290 
    Email: advice@luu.leeds.ac.uk 

    University's Complaints Officer
    David Wardle 
    The Secretariat, Level 11, EC Stoner Building 
    Tel: (0113) 343 4452 
    Email: d.wardle@adm.leeds.ac.uk


    If you make an appeal, you will be deal with the Student Cases team in the Secretariat. They maintain some relevant policies and information documents:

    Leaving the University

    Leaving the University before completing your studies 

    We have some guidance and information if you have to leave the University before you complete your studies:


    Details of graduation, including deadlines for registering and the ceremony schedule, are in our graduation section