Plus Programme Scholarships

Santander bank are offering scholarships to UK Undergraduate students eligible for the Plus Programme who attend a partner summer school in 2022.

Visit the summer schools webpage for more information and to enrol on the Study Abroad Office Minerva organisation.

Plus Programme: Santander Summer School Scholarships

For face to face summer schools, the scholarship is worth £300 per week of the summer school. The maximum scholarship amount is £900 for a three-week summer school. The scholarship is paid directly to students who have secured a place on a partner summer school that lasts less than four weeks. It can be used to help pay for programme fees, accommodation, travel or living costs.

For online summer schools, the scholarship is worth up to £250 and is paid directly to students who have secured a place on a partner summer school. It can be used to help pay for tuition fees. If the tuition fee for your programme is less than £250 the scholarship amount will be equivalent to the tuition fee amount.


  1. You must be a UK Undergraduate student with access to the Plus Programme (eligibility criteria apply).
  2. You must secure a place on one of our partner summer schools listed here
  3. As a condition of receiving the scholarship, you will be required to register on Santander's online portal. The Study Abroad Office will provide you with instructions of how to do this in semester 2.
  4. For face to face programmes your summer school placement must last less than four weeks and you must not be eligible to apply for Turing funding.

Please note if you withdraw from your summer school after the scholarship payment has been made you will be required to pay back the scholarship in full

How to apply

  1.  Apply for a place on a summer school. You must apply via the Study Abroad Office. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Study Abroad Office
  2.  If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be awarded the scholarship


For face-to-face summer schools, payments will be made from late May. For online summer schools, tuition fee costs will be reimbursed to students upon receipt of evidence and payments will be made from late May.

Student Testimonials

Indiana – Second Year Student, Psychology

I attended Summer University DTU at the Technical University of Denmark in 2021. I am really grateful for the Santander scholarship because I would not have been able to afford to do the summer school without it. I was very fortunate that there was no tuition fee for the summer school itself, as my application for an exchange place was successful. However, I had to pay for my own travel, food and accommodation expenses. I would never have considered doing the programme without the scholarship, but when I realised if I had the scholarship it would cover the majority of costs I decided to apply. 

I really enjoyed the summer school and I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to do it, thanks to the scholarship. I stayed in international student accommodation so I lived with students from all over the world, including Hungary, India, Malaysia, China and Brazil. We got on really well and I am still in touch with them. They introduced me to all their friends as well from even more countries. One night we did a potluck dinner where we all cooked food from our respective countries and shared it which was really fun and I learnt a lot about other cultures. The summer school itself was also really interesting and I gained a lot from it. It definitely looks good on my CV! I also travelled a lot into Copenhagen and explored the city. I gained a lot of independence from the summer school experience as I lived in a new country for a month without knowing anyone and had the best time. 

I definitely recommend doing a summer school. I made so many new friends and learnt a lot: about myself, my summer school topic, and other countries and cultures. 

Oakley – Second Year Student, Business Studies with Foundation Year

I attended a summer school on Cross Cultural Negotiation offered by Aarhus University in 2021. The Santander scholarship fund made the summer school experience possible. As Denmark is notoriously expensive, the scholarship paid for a lot of the essentials including accommodation, flights and COVID tests, which took the financial burden off myself as I knew the essentials were covered for. This made the process so much smoother and less stressful, as I just needed to fund any personal expenses.  

My time in Aarhus was amazing and an experience I’ll never forget. I would highly encourage anyone considering a summer school to apply as I was able to get the study abroad experience without committing to a year. I’ve made many friends, explored some amazing places (Copenhagen, ARoS Art Museum, Infinite bridge at Aarhus beach etc.) and discovered a new interest in cross-cultural negotiation, which is an amazing course and incredibly engaging. It also opened my eyes to a different way of teaching. Søren, the lecturer, was experienced in his field and it was really inspiring to hear from someone so accomplished. He was also approachable and relaxed, so it was easy to ask for help if you needed it. The other students on the course were all friendly as well. Since most of them were Danish and most Danes are fluent in English, it was easy to get to know people.  

Regarding how the summer school helped me, the travel process itself and just living in a different country taught me how to be independent, how to organise myself and get from point A to point B and just becoming more confident and assured in myself. All of these attributes really allowed me to grow as a person. The experience itself was a great example of challenging myself, demonstrating independent organisation and displaying a growth mindset by going outside my comfort zone, which are characteristics employers look for. Fortunately, this experience had a huge personal impact on me which prepared me for my year in industry and I have been lucky enough to gain a placement with Johnson and Johnson. Without this experience making me a more confident person and being able to use this experience to illustrate all the characteristics listed above, I don’t think I would have got the placement.  

I would 100% recommend to anyone to take part in this scheme. It’s a great way to combine studying and travelling without committing the time or huge expense of studying abroad for a longer period. It’s also a great way to productively spend your summer if you don’t think an internship or volunteering is something for you. I gained a lot personally through my own growth, grew culturally as I got to travel around Aarhus and Copenhagen, meet other international students and learn about them, and found a new academic interest. Especially with the help of the Santander scholarship and the summer schools being such a short period of time, you don’t really have anything to lose by applying. 

Daniel – Third Year Student, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

I attended a summer school course on Climate Change offered by Aarhus University in 2021. I was originally unsure if I’d be able to fund it, especially in an expensive country such as Denmark. However, with the support of the scholarship, I was able to go and it turned out to be one of my favourite and most valued experiences. Other than assisting me to pay for my accommodation, it meant that I was able to go out after class with the people I’d met and create some amazing experiences through the city of Denmark.

The course itself was incredibly interesting and made me feel very encouraged about my newly chosen field and imminent Masters course. Furthermore, the professor who ran it was absolutely amazing. The other students on the course were another reason why this experience was so much fun. Being from three different disciplines on my degree in Leeds, I wasn’t regularly with the same people so I didn’t get a chance to make a great deal of friends through my course. On the summer school, being with the same people every day enabled me to make meaningful friendships in a short period of time. Overall this experience has certainly improved my studies as well as my overall employability. As I have recently moved my academic interest to a new field, I did not have a great deal of experience in this field for when I search for a job. For this reason, the experience and knowledge I have gained will be invaluable.

If I were to offer any advice to future participants in the scheme, it would be do the scheme! Doing a summer school can be incredibly worthwhile both for having a fun summer and for work opportunities. It has given me a great deal of interesting things to talk about in interviews. Furthermore, the opportunity to make friends from different countries is amazing and the experience as a whole is very enjoyable.

Aayan – First Year Student, Geography

I attended the online summer school “Divided in Diversity” – The European Union in Crisis? offered by the University of Tübingen in 2021. The Santander scholarship fund enabled me to participate in a summer school and offered funding for online schools which is what I was looking for. The entire tuition was covered by the scholarship which was really useful.  

Academically, I gained greater contextual understanding around certain topics that my degree did not go in depth on, which certainly is beneficial now in my second year of university. Personally, the summer school gave me a lot of confidence and the opportunity to really push myself in a new environment by leading discussions and developing my communication skills. The overall experience was very positive and I would definitely consider applying for similar opportunities available to me. 

It may seem daunting and could be really out of your comfort zone like it was for me but it is an ideal opportunity to develop personal skills not just academic, and I am glad I took the opportunity. Even an online summer school is very beneficial so it may be good for you if you aren’t as comfortable travelling abroad. 

Kinga – Second Year Student, History

I attended the TU Dortmund International Summer Program online in 2021. The Santander scholarship covered the cost of the summer school, meaning that I was able to take part in it. I am very thankful for this and gained a lot from my summer school experience.

I was able to learn about subjects that I would otherwise not have had the chance to study. For instance, I learnt about 19th- and 20th-Century drama. Moreover, the courses were unique - like the course that concentrated on the cultural impact of cafes and coffee. As a consequence, my knowledge of the world has increased. Furthermore, I was able to learn about the history of Germany. This was an asset for my studies because I study History BA. The German language course meant that I now have a basic understanding of the language, thus I will be able to use it when I go to Germany. Additionally, this will be useful in the future because it is good to know languages in the global world that we live in today. Moreover, some of the assignments included group work. I worked with students from different countries which will be beneficial in the future because many jobs/companies are international and have international staff. Also, completing the assignments helped me develop analytical and presentation skills, which I will definitely use when completing my degree. What I found particularly nice was that it was a normal semester for German students so I gained a good insight into how the German university system works. TU Dortmund also offered a cultural program during which we learnt about Dortmund and Germany. We made German pretzels which I found very exciting. I believe that experiences like these make people understand different cultures better. Overall, the experience has made me understand Germany better as well as other cultures because of the international students and I am looking forward to visiting Dortmund one day.  

If I were to offer any advice to future participants in the scheme, it would be apply for a summer school! I have been fortunate enough to take part in four different summer schools during my time at the University of Leeds so far, both in-person and online, and I could not recommend it enough. I have been able to learn so much about a wide variety of subjects. Also, the ability to talk to students who study in different parts of the world has been very eye-opening and greatly enhanced my cultural understanding. All the courses that I have taken were interesting and made me understand the world more.