Summer Opportunities Abroad

We have a wide range of international summer opportunities available for you to choose from, depending on whether you would like to study, work, volunteer or research.

A short international programme is a great way to develop a global outlook, immerse yourself in life in another country and gain valuable experience to put on your CV. Find out more about the different types of opportunities available. 

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Summer Schools

A summer school is a great way to gain academic experience in another country. It can allow you to study subjects you wouldn't be able to take as part of your Leeds degree.

You have two different options for short study abroad programmes: subsidised summer schools and other summer schools. While participation in a summer school won't count towards your Leeds degree, it will be listed on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) which is part of your University of Leeds transcript.

  • Subsidised summer schools

The Study Abroad Office is able to offer several subsidised summer school opportunities for University of Leeds students, at partner institutions in Europe, Asia & Latin America. To take part in one of these programmes, you must apply to the Study Abroad Office. Find out how to apply and read more about individual subsidised summer schools.

  • Other summer schools

There are many other summer school opportunities available at our partner universities around the world. Find out how to apply and read more about other summer school opportunities.

If you find a summer school you are interested in, come and speak to one of our advisers during the Study Abroad Office opening hours: 11am – 3pm on Monday to Friday.


International volunteering offers you a chance to help support a cause you feel passionate about and can be a highly rewarding experience. It can connect you to projects, places and people which you would not otherwise come into contact with, as well as helping you develop valuable skills and experience. Find out about the different opportunities available for those students looking to spend a summer volunteering abroad.

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Summer internships overseas are a great way for you to gain practical work experience, immerse yourself in life in another country and develop your professional skills. You will have the chance to gain an insight into a particular industry as well as an international outlook. Find out how to apply and read more about summer internships abroad.

Research programmes

Participating in a research programme abroad is a great way to gain academic experience in another country. It will allow you to develop your research skills and knowledge in a specific area of interest, and gain valuable experience that can boost your professional profile. Find out more about the different programmes on offer and how to apply for summer research abroad.

Leeds to South Korea

The Leeds to South Korea Leadership programme is a unique opportunity that is only available to Leeds students. It is a chance for you to develop your leadership and communication skills and collaborate with students from KAIST University. Read more and find out how to apply to Leeds to South Korea.