Other summer schools

Although the Study Abroad Office can't provide any financial aid for the programmes listed below, you must let us know if you apply to one of these programmes.

The Study Abroad Office can then ensure that your experience is listed on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) which is part of your University of Leeds transcript.

Our advisers can help support you during the application process and we will share important pre-departure information with you. You will also be eligible to receive University of Leeds travel insurance cover, provided that you complete the summer schools registration form (see below) and attend the pre-departure briefing.

Once you have secured a place on your chosen summer school, please fill out the summer schools registration form available on the Study Abroad Office organisation in Minerva. To enrol in the organisation and access the form, please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Log into Minerva via this specific link which will take you to our 'Welcome to the Study Abroad organisation' page.
  2. Follow the brief enrolment instructions provided on that page.
  3. The organisation will then be listed under 'Organisations', which you can view by clicking on the 'Learn' tab in Minerva.

See below for the summer opportunities that are on offer:

Programmes in Europe 


Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School, one of the top-ranking, internationally accredited European business schools, offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to do one summer school (three weeks) in Toulouse or Barcelona or a combined summer school (six weeks) in both Toulouse and Ljubljana or Toulouse and Barcelona. The summer schools offer an academic programme that focuses on European issues and allows students to understand the diversity and complexity of doing business and managing in Europe. As part of the programme, students will go on company visits as well as having the opportunity to engage in cultural and social activities. Read more in the Toulouse Business School Summer School Brochure and on the Toulouse Business School summer school webpages.

Université Catholique de Lille

Located in northern France, Lille is ideally placed at a crossroads of Europe, with quick access by train to the capital cities of Paris, Brussels, and London. The European Summer Program is taught in English and offers the opportunity to experience French culture first-hand. There are two sessions on offer throughout the summer, with courses in and across various disciplines that aim to provide both a theoretical background and practical learning through site visits and hands-on activities. A comprehensive hospitality package is included, as well as cultural activities, such as French film nights and day trips to Bruges and Brussels. Further details can be found on the summer programme website and the programme brochure.

Université Paul Valery Montpellier 3

The summer school offers courses in French language and culture that are aimed at both beginners and those wishing to improve their practice of the French language. Four sessions of two weeks each are offered with 20 hours of classes each week meaning there is plenty of time to explore the regional and urban heritage, and take part in social activities. Read more on the University Institute website.


Leuven Catholic University

KU Leuven offers two summer schools: the KU Leuven EU Summer School and the Postgraduate Executive Summer School in Social Security. Both offer an exciting range of academic options and is based in one of Europe’s greatest cities. In addition to several European capitals being easily accessible by train directly from Leuven, the EU course includes visits to Brussels and Antwerp. Both courses are aimed at Postgraduate students in Arts, Economics, Business, Law or Social Sciences. Undergraduate students in their final year are also welcome to apply. For more information please see the KU Leuven EU Summer School website and the Postgraduate Executive Summer School in Social Security website.


IE Graduate Summer School, Madrid

The IE Graduate Summer School is an intense three-week programme taught in English that offers undergraduate students and recent graduates the opportunity to take courses across a wide range of disciplines taught by top quality faculty. Students will attend workshops to help boost important soft skills such as leadership, public speaking, personal branding or team building. They will then be able to choose from the following tracks: Entrepreneurship, International Finance, World Politics and Political Risk, Global Legal Professionals and their Challenges, Innovation & Technology, Marketing & Communication, and Good Design is Good for Business. Students will have the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities to explore more about Spanish culture, as well as visits to companies and law firms. After class and everyday students can take optional Spanish or Chinese classes for one hour a day. Please note that IE Madrid have offered two scholarships to students from the University of Leeds, which will cover 40% of the tuition fees. Application will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Further details can be found on the summer programme website.

Summer School of Economics and Business (SSEB), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM)

This intensive four-week summer school offers the opportunity to study up to two of their business and economics modules. The academic excellence of SSEB is complimented by social and cultural events, as well as field trips.  Please see the SSEB website for more details.

UPF Barcelona International Summer School

Students can choose from 28 courses taught in English or Spanish. These courses deal with current topics and are designed to be innovative both in content and methodology. This is the reason why all courses have an applied component with workshops, activities, visits, laboratory work or in situ interpretation, which enables learning beyond the classroom. Courses are available in Social Movement, Environment, Gender Politics, Big Data, Humanities, Artificial Intelligence, Migration, Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy of Law and Digital Marketing. Students from the University of Leeds will not be required to pay the non-refundable registration fee. For more information, please see the Barcelona International Summer School website.

Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

The Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (UPSA) offers intensive Spanish language courses during summer for two, three or four weeks, from beginner to advanced level. The courses, that are given in the historic building of the Royal College of the Society of Jesus, immerse students not only in the Spanish language but also in the culture. For this reason the daily classes, given by qualified teachers with experience, are combined with all sorts of activities. Excursions, tours and language exchanges with Spanish speakers help the foreign students feel fully integrated in the university atmosphere. Read more on UPSA's website.

I was in the beginner’s class and I loved it! The teachers were so friendly and helpful and I learnt so much.” Sophie, 2019 


Portuguese as a Foreign Language Summer Course, University of Lisbon

Every summer, the Institute of Portuguese Language and Culture (ICLP) at University of Lisbon offers intensive 20 hour-a-week courses in Portuguese language. This Summer Course is therefore aimed at anyone who wants to start, continue or deepen their language learning. Complementary to language acqisition, the Institute organises activities that highlight the richness of the Portuguese architectural, artistic, historical and literary heritage. Please see the University of Lisbon's website for more details.

Summer Course in Portuguese as a Foreign Language, Braga University

Each year Braga University offer a four-week Summer Course in Portuguese as a Foreign Language. Throughout the programme, students will spend 72 hours in classes and taking part in various cultural activities, such as field trips to Guimarães, Porto or Gerês, or discussion groups concerning Portuguese culture. The course has three different levels (A1/A2, B1/B1+ and B2/B2+) and the students will acquire not only language skills, but also cultural ones. Read more on Braga University's website.


Bayreuth Summer University for Intercultural German Studies, Bayreuth University

The Bayreuth Summer University offers intensive language courses (from beginners to advanced) which take place in the mornings. In the afternoon, the programme continues with communication courses or specialised courses (for intermediate level and above). If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

"For trips, they are all really well organised and it is really worth visiting the region: this part of Germany is really beautiful and interesting!" - Carlo, 2017

See what Emily had to say about her time at Bayreuth Summer University on our blog.

Read more: Bayreuth Summer University for Intercultural German Studies website

Bayreuth International Summer School, Bayreuth University

Choose one from six intensive courses which are offered as part of the summer school: Economics & Management, African Studies, Public Health & Environment, Energy & Climate, Polymer Science & Engineering and International Comparative Law. The courses are taught in English by international guest lecturers. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

"The Economics and Management course content was engaging and covered Economic areas less typical to those in Leeds, so I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected." - Ben, 2019

Read more: Bayreuth International Summer School website

Berlin International Summer School, Berlin School of Economics and Law

The Berlin School of Economics and Law offer a variety of three and four-week summer programmes taught in English that explore topics in the fields of business and business law. Modules on offer include 'The European Union in a Global World', 'European Business and Economics Programme', 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management in Germany', 'Markets and Management in Europe' and 'How Europe Works: Institutions and Law in the EU'. Find out more on the Berlin International Summer School website.

German Language and Culture, Berlin School of Economics and Law

Berlin International Summer School offers an intensive three-week programme of German language at beginners or advanced beginners level only. The summer school also includes cultural activities and a social programme. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

"It definitely increased my confidence and I would encourage anyone who is doing a year abroad in a foreign language country to consider a summer school like this, it really took away the culture shock." – Laura, 2019

Read more: Berlin International Summer School website

Bodensee Summer University (IBH), University of Konstanz

The University of Konstanz offers an intensive four-week German language course. The language course will be supplemented by a regional accompanying program in the afternoon and partly at the weekends. It includes lectures on history, art, culture and politics as well as guided tours, sightseeing tours and excursions in the Lake Constance area and visits to the participating IBH universities. Read more on the programme website.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The Frankfurt School offers two summer schools for undergraduate and first-year Masters students: The Finance Boot Camp and The Management Boot Camp. From interactive simulations, insightful classroom lectures, cultural excursions, networking events, and relevant industry site visits; students are guaranteed to have an exciting, unforgettable, and enriching summer experience. University of Leeds students are eligible for a 25% tuition fee discount and the Frankfurt School are offering DAAD scholarship opportunities (funded by the German Academic Exchange office with funds from the federal Foreign Office) for students joining the Summer Schools. For more information please see: Frankfurt School Boot Camp website

Humboldt University, Berlin

Humboldt-Universität is one of the leading higher educational institutions in Germany. The university offers an intense programme for students from abroad, which gives students the opportunity to explore the university, the city and its inhabitants. All summer school students are invited to take part in the social programme that includes a selection of excursions, sports, cultural events and festivities without additional costs. A variety of courses taught in English are offered in June, July and August. Exact start dates vary by course. A 50 Euro discount is available for University of Leeds students. For further information please see the HUWISU website.

Mannheim Summer School, School of Humanities, University of Mannheim

Mannheim offers five cultural studies courses, all taught in English, which are designed for undergraduate students of all disciplines and will cover every interest from modern Shakespeare and global theater to cognition theory, language policy and human enhancement in fiction and film. Alongside studying, Mannheim’s leisure program will provide plenty of opportunities to get to know the city of Mannheim and the region it is located in. Read more on the Mannheim Summer School website.

Mannheim Business School (MBS) Summer School Program, University of Mannheim

Mannheim Business School, a renowned European business school, offers a three-week Summer School program that includes three major aspects - campus, companies, and culture. Students will be able to take advantage of a world-class education, gain real-world experience when visiting the headquarters of successful companies in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, and enrich their global perspective by visiting world-famous sights. The programme is split into three modules: Sustainability and Ecological Awareness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Introduction to the World of Big Data & Analytics. For more information please see the MBS website

Munich International Summer University (MISU), Munich Ludwig-Maximilians University

MISU offers two strands, German Language Courses and the Summer Academies. The German language Courses are aimed at all levels. Each course lasts for about four weeks and is usually offered in August. The courses take place in small groups and are complemented by cultural activities. The Summer Academies are short-term courses and research programs that cover natural sciences, social sciences, economics, law and medicine. There are programs for all levels of study. The courses last between two and ten weeks and are all held in English. See the German Language Courses website and the Summer Academies website for more information.

TU Berlin Summer University

The TU Berlin Summer University offers international students the opportunity to travel to the German capital at the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin). Over 20 English-taught courses are on offer across cutting-edge science, technology and business subjects, including Social Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Biomechanics, and Guidance & Navigation of Unmanned Aircraft. Academic courses are accompanied by an immersive cultural program, introducing students to the city of Berlin and encouraging international networking. An early bird discount is available. See the TU Berlin Summer University website for further information. 

University of Bamberg

Bamberg's International Summer University focuses on literature, cultural studies and regional studies. It deals with the changing role of animals in historical and present German literature, culture and society. Seminars on grammar, vocabulary, stylistics and creative writing will help students to improve their language skills. Furthermore, there will be a seminar on teaching techniques as well as a drama group, a choir and a newspaper group. Excursions and social programme events complement the course programme. Please note students should have a German language level of B1, B2, C1, and C2 on the Common European Framework of References for languages. More information can be found on the International Summer University's website.

University of Tübingen

Tübingen offers three courses: the German Language Course, the Intensive German Language Course, and the European Studies Course. The social program includes trips, cultural activities as well as social gatherings. You will get the chance to experience German and other cultures, explore Tübingen and its surroundings - a perfect chance get to know classmates and buddies better and have fun together.


University of Vienna

Students from all over the world have been drawn to these programmes, not only because of the outstanding academic reputation of its European Studies courses and the excellent opportunities it offers students to learn German, but also because of its location directly on the shores of one of Austria’s most scenic lakes. Lake Wolfgang, in the Salzkammergut region, is bordered by dramatic peaks and the area has excellent sports and recreational facilities.

Read more, including details of how to apply, on the University of Vienna summer school webpage.


AU Summer University, Aarhus University

The programme at AU Summer University consists of a broad variety of courses, taught in English within the fields of: Business Economics and Management, Communication, Culture and Society, Health, Law, Psychology, Science and Technology. For selected University of Leeds students the tuition fee will be waived. Aarhus University is among the top 100 universities in the world. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

"You should definitely do this summer school if you get the opportunity, the course was interesting, will accompany many degrees well and will look good on a CV. It was also one of the best months of my life and I made loads of friends from all over the world." - Lizzie, 2017

Read more: AU Summer University website

Summer University DTU, Technical University of Denmark

Summer University DTU is an opportunity for students to take courses over the summer in July or August for three weeks. Summer University DTU offers about 100 different courses. The courses can be found in the course database (search on 'Summer University' for details on courses in July, and August). At DTU, you are never more than 15 km away from Copenhagen - one of Europe’s most celebrated and progressive capitals, where modern 21st-century architecture blends effortlessly with the cobblestoned streets of the Middle Ages. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

Read more: Summer University website

International Summer University Programme, Copenhagen Business School

Join ISUP, one of the Europe’s largest and oldest summer programmes, and experience the amazing spirit of wonderful Copenhagen and exciting courses taught by brilliant faculty. Be inspired by the international environment and other participants from over 50 countries. Priority for places will be given to students from LUBS. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

Read more: ISUP website

Roskilde University

Roskilde University offer three high quality and in-depth courses as part of their summer school. Please see the links below for more information.

1) Liveable cities.

2) Framing solutions and drivers for change?

3) Repoliticising Capitalism - contradictions, critique and alternatives. 

UCPH International Summer Programme, University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen offers more than 40 international summer courses this summer. The courses are at Bachelor and Master level and are open for domestic and international students. All courses take place in July or August and are taught in English. The international summer courses cover themes based on contemporary fields of research and address topics of current international trends and interests. 

Read more on the UCPH website.

The Netherlands

Leiden University

Leiden University offers a unique range of summer courses where you can broaden or deepen your knowledge or share your expertise with fellow students. The choice of academic courses is very diverse, ranging from Law, Big Data, Languages and Linguistics to Maths and Natural Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Education. The courses vary from three days to three weeks. Read more on Leiden's website.

Radboud Summer School, Radboud University, Nijmegen

The Summer School takes place every August and is two weeks in duration. You will have the opportunity to boost your knowledge by choosing courses from a unique range of academic programmes and you can participate in a range of exciting social activities. There is a wide range of courses on offer in the fields of Arts & Languages, Brains & Behaviour, Business & Economics, Health Care, History & Politics, Philosophy & Religion, Science and Social Sciences. All courses are taught in English. You can follow courses for either one or two weeks in a wide range of fields and take part in a special social programme. As a University of Leeds student you will benefit from a 25% discount if you apply before the 1st March 2020, as Leeds is a partner University with Radboud. For more information on this programme please visit the Radboud Summer School website.

VU University Amsterdam

VU Amsterdam Summer School offers interactive small-scale courses at undergraduate and Master’s level. Join the programme for either one or two sessions in the capital of the Netherlands. The courses are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at a topic of study whilst engaging in discussions with a unique group of peers from all over the world. University of Leeds students are entitled to a €250 partner discount off the tuition fee. Please visit the VU summer school website for more information. 

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen offers a diverse range of research-driven and multidisciplinary summer schools from disciplines such as Culture, Arts and Religion, International Relations, Engineering, and Medical Sciences amongst many others. Alongside studying, Groningen summer schools offer excursions, dinner socials and other social events. Read more on Groningen's website.

Utrecht University

The Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 summer courses in various disciplines from Art & Music to Engineering & Technology, all taught in English. In addition to the study programme the programme includes city trips through the Netherlands, night canoeing through the canals of downtown Utrecht, a weekly social gathering in the form of a pub quiz or scavenger hunt, trips to famous museums and an excursion to the Dutch dikes and delta works. Further details can be found on the programme website


Helsinki Summer School, University of Helsinki

Helsinki Summer School offers courses that cover a wide range of academic fields and multidisciplinary topics. The courses are all taught in English and are designed to challenge and inspire you in a learning environment that promotes equality. Courses are offered in the following areas: Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. A wide range of social events to help students get to know their colleagues and Finland better are included in the programme. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

Read more: Helsinki Summer School website

Tampere University

Tampere Summer School offers a selection of courses taught in English and covering various academic fields. Tampere is a compact-sized active and vibrant city with a relaxed atmosphere, and the beautiful lake surroundings display the amazing Finnish nature at its best. It is a perfect place to deepen your knowledge with specialists of the field, and make new international friends during summer. Read more on Tampere Summer School's website

University of Turku

Turku Summer School provides an excellent opportunity to combine outstanding studies with an active social programme while enjoying the best of the Nordic summer. Academic fields include biodiversity, circular economy, Finnish language, wellness tourism, game development, innovation pedagogy, sustainable cities, and service design. An active social programme is included in the course fee. Turku offers a 20% discount for University of Leeds students. For further information please see the programme website.


University of Oslo

Students can apply for up to two undergraduate courses (modules) or one Masters course (module) as part of the International Summer School. Alongside studying courses ranging from Scandinavian Government & Politics to Energy, Environment and Social Change, students are invited to a number of social and cultural events in addition to one weekend excursion free of charge. Further details can be found on the University of Oslo's website.


ELTE Budapest Summer University (Business Economics), Eötvös Loránd University

ELTE Budapest Summer University, offers six one-week courses for undergraduate and graduate students of business and economics. The courses include: Managerial Accounting: Information in Business Decision-making, Business Communication Skills, International Business Networks, Corporate financial analysis – An Integrated Approach,  and Strategic Brand Management. Alongside 25 hours of instruction you will get the opportunity to participate in cultural programmes and evening talks. For more information on this programme please visit the ELTE Budapest Summer University website.

Programmes in Australia and New Zealand


Queensland in July, The University of Queensland

In 2020 the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL) at the University of Queensland (UQ) will again be running their ‘Queensland in July’ short term study program for international students at their beautiful St Lucia Campus in Brisbane. Students can choose one of the following courses: 

  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (Business)
  • Global Talent Management (Business)
  • Event Marketing (Business)
  • Strategic Decision Making (Economics)
  • Ecosystem Services Ecology (Science)
  • The World of Birds (Science)
  • Queensland offer an early bird discount and a 10% discount for University of Leeds students. For more information, visit the programme's website

    University of Adelaide

    The University of Adelaide's July Winter School offers international exchange students the opportunity to study in an intensive academic program with local and international students, while immersing themselves in Australian culture. Read more on Adelaide's website.

    University of Sydney

    The University of Sydney's Short-Term Programme offers the chance to study one or two modules from a range of areas, including Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Dentistry. For more information, visit the programme's website

    New Zealand

    Screen Tools, University of Auckland 

    Screen Tools is a four-week practical course for emerging filmmakers. Students discover first-hand what draws the global film industry to New Zealand, while creating a short drama for show reels. This is a hands-on course designed to set students up with the essential skills needed to launch a career in film, television and digital media industries. Highlights include learning from experienced actor, director and producer John Callen (The Hobbit) and guest television industry professionals, as well as a field trip to the Hobbiton Movie Set. A background in film or media production, drama or creative writing is preferred, but not essential. Read more on the University of Auckland website

    Please note that early application is advised.

    Programmes in North America

    United States of America 

    California State University Monterey Bay, International Summer Program

    The Summer@CSUMB International Summer Program offers an extraordinary opportunity for students from across the globe to spend four or eight weeks studying a variety of subjects alongside American students. Take classes in business, biology, sports science, visual and performing arts, environmental studies and more, while spending your days in one of the most scenic areas on the American West Cost: Monterey Bay. Summer@CSUMB allows students to take advantage of the spectacular beauty of the area as well as take courses with a strong practical focus there are courses on offer which are unique to Monterey Bay in the areas of marine mammal studies and science illustration. More information can be found on the Summer@CSUMB website

    International Summer at the George Washington University, Washington DC

    George Washington Summer Institutes combine applied learning to create an in-depth and practical academic experience for participants. Students will have the opportunity to delve further into their areas of interest, explore a new field, or enhance your professional skills. There are several courses to choose from and there is a wide range of recreational activities such as visits to the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Smithsonian Museums, national monuments and sporting events. The programme lasts for six weeks. For further information visit the GW International Summer website. 

    Global Summer Institute, Stony Brook University

    Stony Brook University has a wide variety of courses across multiple academic departments and disciplines as part of its Global Summer Institute (GSI). University of Leeds students are eligible for the Global Academic Program section of the GSI which allows students to enrol in two courses during the six-week programme. Beyond academics, Stony Brook invites students to immerse themselves in the campus community with the guidance of the Global Student Ambassadors, to explore Long Island beaches, shop at Tanger Outlets, take part in a local street festival, and enjoy Manhattan, the heart of New York! For further information visit the Global Summer Institute and Global Academic Program websites.

    TECHsplore Summer, Georgia Institute of Technology

    TECHsplore Summer is a short-term study opportunity at Georgia Institute of Technology for international students. This program is ideal for second and third year undergraduate students. Students will engage in coursework with current Georgia Tech students, and there will be a number of opportunities that will allow for exploration in the city of Atlanta. Read more on TECHsplore Summer's website.


    International Summer Institute for Business Management, University of Victoria

    The University of Victoria offers a three- and a four-week intensive summer programme that prepares students for their future business success all the while taking place in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. Outside of the hands-on academic programme, students can join a variety of cultural, sporting and tourist activities. Victoria also offer a 4-week Summer Graduate Business Studies Programme for masters students. Please see the International Summer Institute's website and the Graduate Business Studies Programme website for more information. 

    Summer Studies in Montreal, McGill University

    Offering prestige, culture and fun, McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies provides international students with unique opportunities to learn and experience something new both in and out of the classroom. Courses last three to eight weeks and vary by subject area. Courses on offer range from engineering, business, computing, creative industries, and French language. More information can be found on the summer programme website.

    University of Alberta

    The International Summer Programmes provide students with the opportunity to experience campus life at one of Canada's top universities. The programs combine professional development, interdisciplinary studies, and cross-cultural learning opportunities, with time for exploration, relaxation and fun. During this program, you will develop skills in: group work, cross-cultural communication, leadership and public speaking. For further information visit the University of Alberta International Summer Programme.

    York University

    York University offers a variety of exciting four- to six-week summer courses held at York. University of Leeds students are also eligible to enrol in a number of summer abroad programmes run by the University. York have five courses taught overseas to Canada in various locations including Los Angeles, Mexico, the Philippines and the Netherlands. For more information on York's summer programmes please see their website.  

    Programmes in Latin America


    Intensive Spanish Programme, Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires

    Held in the beautiful Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, this four-week program in July is oriented to students who want to improve their Spanish while immersing themselves in Argentine culture. The program curriculum is complemented with frequent cultural excursions and activities aimed at experiencing the living language of Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires). Read more on the Universidad de San Andrés website.

    The programme is designed for students who have had at least three semesters of university level Spanish or equivalent.


    The Brazilian Seminars, PUC-Rio

    The Brazilian Seminars developed by PUC-Rio is an international summer school which provides students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about Brazil. This is a 50 hour program of lectures and out-of-class activities that offers a panorama on Brazil’s different aspects, ranging from culture to environmental issues, from politics to entrepreneurship. Please see the Brazilian Seminars website for more information. 


    i Summer MX Programme - Tecnológico de Monterrey

    Tecnológico de Monterrey is a private University in Mexico with 26 campuses across the country. It is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world and with a rating of five QS stars. The University runs several 'i Summer MX' programmes for students to choose from. Each programme has a different focus, they run for four weeks and will give you the chance to travel around Mexico whilst studying. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

    Read more: i Summer MX website

    Programmes in Asia


    Asian Studies Summer Program, Kansai Gaidai University

    The Asian Studies Summer Program is a six-week programme, which offers a well-rounded introduction to Japanese language and culture. By combining semi-intensive Japanese language classes with a series of lectures and field trips, students are able to gain a basic understanding of Japanese language and society. The programme is designed to cover a wide range of topics from Japanese pop culture and current political issues to time-honoured traditions and history through lectures and site visits. The Summer Program is offered for six weeks in June and July when the program for local students are in full operation. Thus, participants are able to have active interactions with local students. Please see the Asian Studies Summer Program website for more information. 

    Japanese Language and Culture Program, Kobe Gakuin University

    The Japanese Language and Culture Program introduces aspects of Japanese culture including language and offers various opportunities to interact with students from Kobe Gakuin University. Japanese language classes will be conducted at beginners’ level and be run in both Japanese and English. The Japanese Language band Culture Program's website will be updated shortly for 2020.

    Japanese Language Immersion Course, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts

    The Japanese Language Immersion Course (JLIC) at Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts (DWCLA) began in 2008. Only Term B, that runs for four weeks in the summer vacation, will be available for University of Leeds students. The program offers introductory Japanese language courses to students whose first language is not Japanese. Throughout the course, students have full access to all the facilities available on campus. In addition to studying in the classroom, students can also experience multiple field trips during the course, which include tours of Kyoto. Please note that this programme is only available for female students and those who have at least six months Japanese language study experience. For more information please see Doshisha's website.

    Kyushu University

    Summer in Japan (SIJ) is a four-week, summer time, intensive study abroad program that Kyushu University offers to undergraduates of all disciplines from around the world. Using English as the primary medium instruction, SIJ aims to introduce, in an intensive and effective manner, those with entry-level knowledge about Japan to its contemporary society and culture by offering in-class academic coursework and a variety of off-campus activities, including study trips and a home stay for experiential learning.For more information on this programme, please visit the SIJ website.

    Summer Intensive Programme at Nagoya University

    The summer programme at Nagoya University will focus on is the latest advanced technology and tasks in automobile engineering. The programme is particularly suitable for engineering students and offers students the chance to further supplement their practical know-how with enrichment as they are exposed to the authentic environment of the automobile factory and research centre. A Japanese language course is also offered. For further information visit the Nagoya Summer Intensive Programme website.

    Summer Japanese Program, Nanzan University

    Based in the city of Nagoya, itself located in the heart of Japan, the Centre for Japanese Studies (CJS) has been a renowned leader in the field of Japanese language education for more than 40 years. They offer an intensive summer program designed for students who want to improve their Japanese. Students can choose from 3 course offerings: 

  • Course A is a 8-week intensive Japanese programme 
  • Course B is a 4-week intensive Japanese & 4-week Internship
  • Course C is a 4-week intensive Japanese programme
  • Students also get the opportunity to visit famous cultural spots around Nagoya such as Shirakawa-go and the Toyota Museum, and attend events such as the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament. Please see Nanzan's Summer Japanese Program website for more information and please here to apply.

    Summer Japanese Program, Ritsumeikan University

    The Ritsumeikan Summer Japanese Program (RSJP) is designed for undergraduate or postgraduate students with minimal knowledge of the Japanese language, providing a comprehensive introduction to Japanese language and culture. RSJP programme consists of two major components. Participants are enrolled in an intensive Japanese language class which provides them with a through introduction to the language. Students also participate in Japanese Studies classes to learn about Japanese culture and take part in field excursions. Read more on Ritsumeikan's Short Programs website and the Japanese Language Program website.

    Summer Session in East Asian Studies and Japanese Language, Sophia University, Tokyo

    This program provides participants with opportunities to take part in an East Asian studies programme and an intensive Japanese language programme. You will attend session one or session two of the summer school and will study English-taught subject based modules, Japanese language or a combination of the two. Subject based modules include business, history, culture, theatre, pop culture, sustainability and politics. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

    The content of all the classes was very interesting, but what made them great was the dedication and enthusiasm of the professors.” Remon, 2019 

    Read more: Summer Session in Asian Studies website

    Waseda University

    Waseda Summer Session is a four-week programme during which you can take part in a variety of courses including business, culture, history, literature and politics in the context of Japan and Asia. The courses are taught in English by experienced faculty members from Waseda and visiting professors from partner institutions. Japanese classes are also available. In addition to the Summer Session programme, Waseda also run a short-term Japanese language programme alongside the summer programme. For more information on these programmes please visit the Waseda University website.


    Hanyang International Summer School, Seoul

    Hanyang International Summer School (Seoul, South Korea) balances academic courses with cultural immersion and students can have a unique experience of Korean culture. Build your own programme of courses from a wide range taught in English. Cultural activities and field trips are included in the programme such as a city tour, a boat cruise and the Boryeong Mud Festival. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form. 

    "There were three free trips offered from a choice of a few. These were really good. Definitely worthwhile and offered opportunity to do things otherwise you may have been unable to do such as the mud festival." - Lydia, 2019

    Read more: HISS website

    Korea University International Summer Campus, Seoul

    Spend six weeks studying at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea as part of their international summer campus (ISC). The ISC offers students the chance to put together their own programme of modules at a top Korean University, with a huge range of subjects taught in English available, including Korean culture, as well as the opportunity to study Korean language. Cultural activities and trips are included in the programme. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

    “The topics of the class itself were very interesting and helped me to understand Korean culture on a deeper level.” Evie, 2019

    Read more: Korea University international summer campus website

    Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

    The International Summer Semester at SKKU is a unique academic program dedicated to sharing and experiencing the fascinating story of Seoul, Korea's 600-year-old capital. The program aims to develop students' global engagement by providing opportunities to share different perspectives on global issues, make friends with various cultural backgrounds, and explore Korea's history, culture, and society. Take advantage of the excellent program we offer. It will help you to expand your mind and change your world. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. A 75% tuition fee discount is available for University of Leeds students who are not exchange students. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form. For more information please see SKKU's International Summer Session website.

    SNU International Summer Program (SNU ISP), Seoul National University

    SNU ISP's intensive six-week summer program taught in English by distinguished SNU full-time and visiting faculty offers its participants a chance to learn in depth from experts on Korea and East Asia, as well as a variety of disciplines ranging from economics and business to science and technology. SNU ISP also provides courses and field trips on Korean language and traditional arts for students wishing to advance their Korean expertise. A 10% partner discount is available for University of Leeds students. For further information please visit the ISI website.

    Yonsei International Summer School, Seoul

    Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) opened its doors in 1985 and since then, YISS has become an integral part of campus life based on a unique blend of Korean and global cultures. YISS offers a wide range of courses taught in English, including the arts, culture, humanities, Asian and Korean studies, international politics and economics, global management, science and technology and environmental studies. If you wish to attend this programme as an exchange student and benefit from a tuition fee waiver you must apply first to the Study Abroad Office and be nominated. Please note there are limited exchange places available. Alternatively you can choose to apply directly to the partner university and pay the tuition fee. Make sure you fill in the Summer Schools registration form.

    "The professors were very passionate about the subject they were teaching and kept me interested throughout the course, they used their life experiences." - Wiktoria, 2017

    Read more: YISS website


    GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    NTU's unique summer programme will bring you an unforgettable summer education.  You can choose from five different programmes: immerse yourself in Chinese Language & Cultural Studies; study the dynamics of Asian-style business through Entrepreneurship & Innovation; reflect on your Asian journey with Creative Design and Media; pick up critical skill sets to ensure Success in the Globalised Marketplace or explore the exciting world of 3D printing with New Technologies, New World. For further information visit the GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme website.

    National University of Singapore (NUS)

    NUS offers various two to five week thematic summer programmes. 

    FASStrack Asia offers a variety of courses related to Asian studies. Read more on the FASStrack Asia website.

    The IPSA-NUS Summer School for Social Science Research Methods focuses on both the theory and practice of social science research. Read more on the IPSA-NUS website.

    NUS School of Computing Summer Workshop offers deep insights and specialised knowledge that are increasingly sought after by the industry today. Read more on the Summer Workshop website.

    iDP Summer Programmes consists of two summer courses: ‘Exploring New Space Technologies and Applications and ‘Design Thinking for a Better Designed World’. Read more on the iDP Summer Programmes website.

    NUS Enterprise Summer Programme on Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to gain insights into the start-up scene in Singapore. Read more on their website.

    Global Science Summer Programme offers courses in Biotechnology & Biotherapeutics, Data Science & Analytics, Forensic Science and Medical Physics. Read more on the Global Science Summer Programme website.

    SMU Global Summer Programme, Singapore Management University

    The SMU Global Summer Programme (GSP), themed “Asian Insights”, is a four-week programme that provides a rewarding and memorable experience for undergraduates and recent graduates to: 

  • Gain new insights and perspectives on trends and developments in Asia from SMU faculty 
  • Engage industry leaders with interests in Asia through dialogues and networking sessions 
  • Learn from peers from over 30 countries and forge intercultural friendships 
  • Experience the vibrancy of Singapore’s business, arts and civic districts from the vantage point of SMU’s city campus 
  • Appreciate culturally rich and diverse Singapore – a global gateway to Asia 
  • For further information visit the SMU Global Summer Programme website.


    Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program, National Taiwan University (NTU)

    NTU’s Summer Program is a four-week program taught in English offered by the College of Management. Students will obtain business knowledge and explore Asian economic trends as well as experience the management practices in Greater China. In addition to the substantial in-class lectures, NTU will arrange off-campus tours and company visits to enhance students’ experience in Taiwan. The Summer Program is also a gateway for overseas students to explore Taiwan and establish a network with locals. For further information, please visit the Summer Programme website.


    Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK)

    Based in Kerala, India, IIM Kozhikode offers a variety of one- and two-week business and law programmes throughout the summer ranging from ‘Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Age’ to ‘International Law in the Global South’. The two-week programmes feature industrial visits to the business capital of Kerala, Kochi, allowing students to gain first-hand experience of content discussed in lectures, besides getting a chance to explore one of the picturesque regions of Southern India. All participants have the opportunity to gain a flavour of India with a programme of social events and cultural visits.  Please see the IIMK website for details.


    Rothberg International School (RIS), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    RIS at Hebrew University offers a wide array of short-term courses and programs with a focus on social and political sciences, Israel and the Middle East, languages, religion, fine and performing arts, business and legal studies, and STEM. Students can choose courses from our July and August sessions, as well as elect to participate in archaeological field schools. Students live on-campus with international and Israeli students – including a staff of Israeli students who help you navigate life in Jerusalem. This vibrant city will become a second classroom, full of trips and tours. For more information please see the RIS website.


    Summer Programme in Vietnam, RMIT Vietnam

    Join students from Vietnam and around the world for an intensive three-week study program in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, two of the most dynamic cities in Asia. Study in English at a contemporary university with Vietnamese and international classmates from all over the world. All programs include practical components where you will be exposed to industry leaders and local practice. You can expect to be moving around and exploring Ho Chi Minh City with local guides, putting into practice the theory taught in class. Your three weeks in Southeast Asia will expose you to the country’s history, vibrant food, and diverse entertainment. Read more on RMIT Vietnam's website.

    Programmes in Africa

    South Africa 

    Sustainable Water Management in Africa, University of Cape Town

    The Sustainable Water Management in Africa course at UCT is aimed at the next generation of critical thinkers. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to critically engage with the environmental, technical, socio- cultural, economic and political challenges of water demand, supply and treatment to create an understanding of the role of water in society and in sustaining livelihoods. One of the main focus areas of the course is strong engagement with the interdisciplinary / transdisciplinary research paradigm and particularly its role in integrated water management. For more information, visit the programme website.

    UCT Global Academy, University of Cape Town

    The University of Cape Town Global Academy is an inclusive short term programme. It offers students from across the globe an exciting opportunity to study important issues in diverse subject areas, to develop an understanding of South African society, and to experience Cape Town in a unique and unforgettable way. The Global Academy combines two courses, Afropolitanism, and Social Justice and Entrepreneurship, with excursions around the city in order to give students an all-encompassing experience of Cape Town. The courses are specifically designed to present comprehensive insights into South Africa history, politics and culture, as well as discuss major issues facing the country, Africa and the world today. For more information, visit the programme website.