Who is it for?

If you started a full-time or part-time undergraduate degree before 1 August 2012, you may be eligible for the Leeds Bursary.

If your course started later, you may be eligible for Leeds Financial Support.

You do not need to apply for the bursary. If you qualify, we will email your University account during the autumn term to let you know and to verify your bank details.

The Leeds Bursary is paid into your bank account. If you're a full-time student, 50% is paid at the end of January and 50% at the end of April. If you study part-time, you'll receive the bursary in one single instalment at the end of January. Your official notification will state the specific dates.

Bursary eligibility

All students must:

  • be a UK undergraduate
  • have started a course prior to 1 August 2012
  • be registered on the date the Bursary is paid. Withdrawing from your course makes you ineligible. 

Full-time students must:

  • Have an assessed household income of less than £36,600 a year. Student Finance England makes this assessment when you apply for your Student Loan and Maintenance Grant.
  • Have not already achieved an equivalent or higher-level qualification.
  • Not have tuition fees funded by the NHS.
  • Not be charged tuition fees of less than £3,465, unless they are on a year of study abroad or industrial placement and are entitled to a reduced-rate bursary.
  • Not have been awarded a Robert Ogden Scholarship, Leeds Scholarship or Leeds Sports Scholarship. 

Part-time students must:

  • Have a fee rating of "home".
  • Study part-time at an overall intensity of not less than 50% of full time. If a student undertakes 40 credits in one year and 80 credits the next, they would be eligible as the overall intensity of study is 50% of full-time.
  • Pay their own tuition fees: normally £1,740, though in some cases, where the overall study intensity exceeds 50% it may be more.