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You can request an application form and further details on the application process by completing the online enquiry form. The enquiry form only takes a couple of minutes to complete and you will receive an email, including a link to the online application form, once completed.

Please click on the Enquire Now button below to request an application.

Before you enquire about the application please read the following:

  • The Fund is available to help with genuine of unexpected financial difficulties.
  • You will need to show that you had sufficient living costs and tuition fee funding in place at the start of your current academic year.
  • You may be asked to demonstrate that there has been a change in your financial circumstances that could not have been reasonably foreseen.
  • The fund can only help towards living costs.  
  • Tuition Fees or Examination Fees cannot be included when assessing your financial need.
  • The Fund cannot be used as a main source of funding.
  • You can only apply on or after the start date of your academic year.
  • Money in a savings account(s) will be included as available funds even if you had planned to use it for another specific purpose.
  • UK home students can find details of the application and assessment process here.
  • International students can find details of the application and assessment process here.
Enquire Now

If you have any questions regarding the enquiry form or application process then please contact the Funding Team.

Once you complete the enquiry form above you will be sent a link to the online Financial Assistance Fund application form. You will need to complete this form and upload the required evidence so we can access the details of your application.

Your application will be checked to assess whether we need any further information or documentation. If we do require further information, we will inform you by email to your University email address.

You will need to check your University email account regularly to prevent unnecessary delays in your application. You must tell us if your University email account is suspended.

When to apply

You can apply at any point during your academic year but you must be fully registered on your course (unless you are currently an external or suspended student) and have received your first instalment of statutory support. You must make your application with all necessary evidence by the last day of your personal academic year.

You cannot a make second application in any one study year. However, if there has been significant change in your financial circumstances, you may ask for a review of your application. You can ask for a review whether or not you were initially awarded a grant. If the review finds any additional financial need then you may be awarded a grant (or an increase to your initial grant). You can ask for a review up until the last day of your academic year. If you would like to have a previous application reviewed then please complete the above enquiry form indicating that you have previously applied to the fund.

Applying during the summer vacation period

If your course has a summer vacation you will not usually be considered for help during this period unless you are in one of the following categories:

  • You have dependent children (you should already have applied for all available benefits).
  • You are unable to work due to illness.
  • You are unable to work due to a disability (you should already have applied for all available benefits).
  • You are a care leaver.
  • You are estranged from both your parents or your guardian(s) and you have no support from your family, or, you have been granted independent status by the Student Loans Company due to estrangement.
  • You have been a Foyer Scheme resident, or participated in a similar scheme for homeless people.
  • You have a financial emergency
  • You are unable to meet course-related costs that are essential to continue your studies

Students with August resits can find information on funding for the resit period on this Examinations webpage.

You can apply for summer costs at any time during your vacation period.