How to apply

Follow the next steps to submit your application to the Financial Assistance Fund.

Step 1  

The application process for the Financial Assistance Fund is relatively straightforward but, because it is a financial scheme, it can require both time and in some instances emotional investment.  

To give yourself the best chance at meeting the eligibility criteria and having the necessary documentation, please ensure that you have read all of the information about the scheme before going any further. 

Step 2 

Complete the online enquiry form.

Completion of the enquiry form enables us to confirm your standard eligibility criteria and the correct information and guidance to be sent to you. Shortly after submitting the enquiry form, an automated email containing information and a link to the online application form will be sent to your University email address.  

Step 3  

Complete and submit the online application.  

Your application will be downloaded the next working day and checked by a member of the Student Funding team. If the Student Funding team need more evidence from you, they’ll email to let you know and will send you a link to upload the additional evidence.  

Once Student Funding has all of the information they need, your application will be assessed. 

Need support submitting your application? 

Please contact the Student Funding team or LUU Help & Support if you have questions or need support with your application, including the evidence required. 

Step 4 

Your application will be reviewed by a trained Assessor from our Student Funding team. You will be notified of the outcome via email to your University email account. 

Please be aware, assessments can take up to four weeks to complete after you submit your completed application and all of your supporting evidence. Timelines may change depending on the time of year and the number of applications waiting to be assessed. 

Step 5 

The Student Funding team will contact you at your University email address with the outcome of your application. You will need to check your University email account regularly to prevent unnecessary delays in your application. If your University email account is suspended, please inform us. 

There are four possible outcomes that you can receive: 

  • You do not receive a financial award. 

If you don’t receive an award, a brief explanation will be provided within the email from the Student Funding team. You can contact the Student Funding Team for a fuller explanation.  You will also receive information about the Appeal Process. 

  • You do not receive a financial award but are referred to a specialist service for support e.g. Counselling and Wellbeing. 

  • You receive a financial award.  

If you receive an award you will need to provide bank account details in order to receive the payment. 

  • You receive a financial award and are referred to a specialist service for support.