Allowing others to contact us on your behalf

Although we usually deal directly with our students, third parties can contact us if they will be paying your tuition or accommodation fees. 

We can only send information about tuition, exam and accommodation fees to the person who holds the contract with us. This is usually the student (except sponsored students, where the initial invoice for tuition fees goes to their sponsor). 

If someone else will be paying your fees on your behalf, you must forward the information to them. 

Your PIN

When you first register for your course, we will send a PIN number to your University of Leeds email address. You can access and change your PIN in Student Services.  You can access Student Services using the icon on the Minerva toolbar.

Without your PIN (but with your name, Student ID number and date of birth) third parties can:

  • set up an instalment plan (at the appropriate time of year)
  • make a payment (they will need to know how much to pay).

With your PIN and Student ID Number, third parties can access your account information (online or by phone). 

Contact the Fees team if you need further help.