Sponsored students

If you are having some or all of your fees paid by a sponsor your sponsor will need to provide a letter detailing how much they are going to pay.

We need to have this letter to issue an invoice and allow you to register as a student. Find out exactly what evidence of sponsorship we need to see, how your sponsor can pay us and what happens if your sponsor fails to pay.

Fees and your sponsorship

Sponsors are a third party organisation (for example a company, government department or charity) who are paying your fees and require an invoice from the University of Leeds before they can make payment.

You must provide evidence of your sponsorship before you will be able to register at the University.

If you are receiving a loan from Student Finance this does not count as a sponsor because they do not require an invoice.

The University will invoice your sponsor directly for the annual academic fees after you complete registration. Sponsors must pay the annual academic fees in full within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Sponsors cannot pay in instalments. 

To email us your sponsor letter or if you need help from the Fees team please contact sponsors@leeds.ac.uk

Evidence of your sponsorship

Your sponsor must write to us in English, on official letter-headed paper and give the following information:

  • student name in full
  • student ID number
  • duration and course of study
  • duration of sponsorship and amount in UK sterling
  • name and address of where to send the invoice
  • preferred email contact address (not mandatory, but enables faster invoicing and query resolution)

We must receive your sponsor letter to enable you to register. You must complete registration by your registration deadline, more details on registration (including deadlines) can be found on our registration pages.

Once you have completed registration, we will send an invoice to your sponsor.

What to do when you have provided sponsor evidence to admissions

You need to send Student Fees your sponsor letter even if you have provided sponsor evidence as part of your application to study.

Evidence for admission is checked against different criteria and may not be valid for the purpose of registration. Email your sponsor letter to sponsors@leeds.ac.uk for checking and confirmation of validity before you arrive in Leeds.

Returning students

In most cases, sponsors can email us a non-editable version of your sponsor letter: for example, a scanned document, PDF or image file.

Ways your sponsor can pay us

Usually sponsors must pay in full in UK sterling within 30 days of the date on the invoice. We do not offer discounts. Instalment arrangements are not available.

Sponsors may pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Bank transfer

Your sponsor can pay directly into the University's bank account quoting your name and invoice number. The University bank details are printed on every sponsor invoice. 


Make payable to "University of Leeds", with the student name and invoice number on the back of the cheque, and send to the following address: Fees team, Student Education Service, Student Services Centre, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT.

When payment before registration may be required

The University of Leeds may require advance payment from your sponsor if they have not sponsored a student with us before, or if they have previous history of delayed payment.

If payment from your sponsor is delayed in your first year of study advance payment may be required in subsequent years. Email your sponsor letter to sponsors@leeds.ac.uk for checking and confirmation of validity before you arrive in Leeds.

If your sponsor does not pay

We'll make every effort to obtain payment from your sponsor, sending them several reminder letters. If they do not pay, we will follow University policy and transfer the tuition fees to your account.

Once we inform you that you are responsible for paying, the fee will be due immediately. You must make a payment using one of the recommended payment methods. If you do not pay, you will incur late-payment administration charges.