Late payment fees

If you are late paying your tuition fees, a £20 charge will be added to your account each month until the outstanding amount is cleared. This applies to all students, including students resitting modules externally and students on temporary and permanent leave. If you are late paying your University accommodation fees, late payment interest will be added at an APR of base rate + 3%. 

If a third party, such as a parent, usually makes your payments it is your responsibility to inform the third party of any overdue balance and the date by which we must receive the payment. We cannot waive late-payment administration charges if your payment is late due to personal reasons. 

If you successfully apply for a Student Finance tuition fee loan but have incurred late-payment charges due to outstanding tuition fees, we will cancel these charges. If you are ineligible for a student finance tuition fee loan, any late payment charges must be paid in full.

Contact methods

We send emails to your University email address. If you have left the University permanently, we will write to you at your permanent home address.

You must regularly check your University of Leeds email account. Failure to check email is not a valid reason for late payment, even if you're an external candidate.


Examination resits

You must pay for your exam resits as soon as you receive the email or statement from Student Payments. If you have any queries about what you have been charged, contact your school or the Exams team