Paying for your accommodation

If you live in a University residence, you need to make arrangements to pay accommodation fees after you've accepted your accommodation contract.

Accommodation fee payments

The amount that your accommodation fees will cost will depend on where you are staying and the length of your contract. The University's accommodation website has full details about how to pay your accommodation fees.

If you're paying your accommodation fees yourself or arranging for someone else to pay them, you can set up an instalment plan otherwise you must pay in full straight away.

If you provide invalid card/account details or cancel your direct debit, your instalment plan will be cancelled. This means that the full accommodation fee must be paid immediately and you may incur late payment administration charges

Leaving University accommodation

If you want to leave accommodation contact the Accommodation team as soon as possible and visit their page about leaving accommodation early. If you are released from your contract you will be required to pay for a notice period. 

If you're struggling to pay

If you are late making your payment you'll have to pay an administration charge. If you can't make the agreed payment you'll need to contact the Fees team to talk about your payment plan.

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