Examination entry

At least three months before you plan to submit your thesis for examination, you must enter for examination by completing the examination entry workflow in GRAD (sometimes called the “examination entry form”).

Postgraduate researchers registered at one of the Accredited Institutions (Leeds Trinity University or York St John University) have separate arrangements  and must complete a paper-based examination entry form.

Please see our guide to the thesis examination process for more detailed information.

The examination entry process

You'll need to complete the examination entry form workflow in GRAD at least three months before you plan to submit your thesis. 

The examination entry workflow in GRAD

The workflow covers all research degrees including practice-led programmes.

The workflow includes questions about whether you have been a member of University staff (as in some cases two external examiners might be required), ethics approval and inclusion of any work from solely or jointly authored publications. You will also be asked to confirm your thesis title. 

Once you have completed your part of the form/workflow, it will move to your supervisor so that they may approach intended examiners and complete the recommendations for the appointment of examiners. The form/workflow is then passed to your Director of Postgraduate Research Studies for approval before being submitted to Doctoral College Operations (DCO) at least three months before the submission of the thesis.

The details are checked in DCO and the names of the recommended examiners are forwarded to the Progression and Examinations Group of the Graduate Board for consideration.

You can track the progress and status of your examination entry workflow at all times in GRAD (see the Status section on the right hand side of the thesis examination workflow in GRAD). You will receive an email notification through GRAD once the workflow and examiner details have been approved.

At least one internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed. In some cases the appointment of an independent chair may also be required. Postgraduate researchers may be asked by supervisors for their views on individuals who might act as examiners but the decision about the recommendations for appointment will be made in consultation between the supervisors and the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies. The final decision is made by the Progression and Examinations Group.