Award of your research degree and graduation

Your research degree award can only be confirmed once all the following conditions have been met: 

  • Your examiners' report has been approved by the Examinations Group at one if its meetings.
  • PGRO has received confirmation that the internal examiner is satisfied with any corrections
  • PGRO has received one copy of the final, corrected, hard bound thesis;
  • You have deposited the full text version of your eThesis in White Rose Etheses Online (if required*) 
  • All tuition fees to the University have been paid.
  • If applicable, all assessed or taught modules have been completed successfully.

 *MPhil, Masters and doctoral PGRs who commenced before Sept 2009 (not depositing an eThesis) will instead be required to submit a completed thesis deposit form.

In accordance with the decision of the Graduate Board no exceptions will be permitted and the staff in Postgraduate Research & Operations have no discretion in these matters. 


Degree ceremonies are held in July and December of each year.  Further information is published on the University’s Graduation Pages. Please note attendance at a degree ceremony is not guaranteed and is subject to the award of your research degree before the ceremonies.  The examination of theses can take time and the University cannot guarantee that the thesis examination process will be completed in time for the next graduation ceremony. If you do not wish to attend a ceremony, you can choose to have your degree conferred in absentia and your certificate will be posted to you.

You will need to register your graduation choice (either a ceremony or in absentia) using the online registration page. Further instructions can be found on the University’s Graduation Pages. Registration for graduation will not be available until after you have submitted your thesis to PGR & Operations for examination, however you do not need to wait until your name has appeared on a pass list in order to register your graduation preference.  

Graduation-related deadlines

December 2019 Graduation-related deadlines
 Event Date 
 Deadline for registering your graduation choice Please see the graduation pages
 Deadline for receipt of completed Examiners’ Reports (prepared by the examiners after the viva) in PGRO  Monday 11 November 2019
 Last Graduate Board Examinations Group meeting before the ceremonies Monday 18 November 2019
 Deadline for submission of hard bound thesis (& upload of eThesis if required) Friday 22 November 2019*
 Publication of final pass list before the degree ceremonies Friday 22 November 2019

* Please pay particular attention to the timescales for hard binding as set out in the Guide to the thesis examination process. The University’s Print and Copy Bureau (PCB) can help with binding your thesis according to the requirements. If you  are no longer in Leeds you can make arrangements for a member of PGR & Operations to collect your hard bound thesis from PCB on your behalf. Please email the thesis examination section to make arrangements

Award Statement for research degrees

If you need evidence of your research degree award, you can ask for an award statement once your name has appeared on a pass list. These are provided free of charge for the first three months after the date on which your name appeared on a pass list (this date can be found on the notification email from PGR & Ops). PGRs should complete a Statement Form at the Student Service Counter or download the request form (DOC) and email to This form only applies to research degree awards. 

Please note that requests take 5 working days from the date of the pass list, but may take longer during busy periods.

After three months, statements are available to buy through the University’s online store.

Please note that the date of award which appears on the final degree certificate and the Diploma Supplement and Statement is the date of the Graduate Board's Examinations Group meeting at which the report and recommendation of the examiners’ report was considered and approved.

Please see our Guide to the thesis examination process for more detailed information.