Unsatisfactory academic progress procedure

If you aren’t making satisfactory progress, your School may initiate the unsatisfactory academic progress procedure (UAPP) which involves setting objectives to help you move forward.

What is unsatisfactory academic progress?

Your supervisor(s) should inform you in writing if there are problems with your academic progress. A record of this should be kept, either as part of monthly meetings on GRAD or with your Graduate School . Examples of unsatisfactory academic progress include:

  • failure to provide evidence of satisfactory progress

  • failure to present written work to an adequate standard (including plagiarism in draft or non-assessed work)

  • failure to present work to an agreed timescale

  • failure to  maintain regular contact with your supervisor and to attend formal supervision meetings

Academic progress is usually identified as unsatisfactory when a postgraduate researcher has not met their responsibilities  set out in the code of practice for research degree candidatures

The Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Procedure

The Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Procedure (UAPP) can be initiated at any stage in your candidature (both before and after the transfer stage and during the overtime period). If your progress is classed as unsatisfactory you will be interviewed by your Director of Postgraduate Research Studies and supervisor(s).

You will be able to bring a supporter if you feel that will be helpful to you. The purpose of the meeting will be to detail the areas of concern, identify any training needs and to set clear milestones and targets with a defined timetable. This is intended to support your future progress. You will be given the opportunity to raise any mitigating circumstances. 

Final formal review meeting

The next stage is attending a final formal review meeting to assess your progress against the action plan from the initial meeting. There are four possible outcomes:

  • You have made satisfactory progress so no further action will be taken under the UAPP

  • The decision will be deferred (for a maximum of three months for full-time postgraduate researchers)

  • You haven’t made satisfactory progress as a postgraduate researcher so it’s recommended that you are transferred to an MPhil degree

  • You haven’t made satisfactory progress so it’s recommended that your registration is terminated.

You may choose a supporter to come with you to the meeting to help by writing notes or mentioning something important if you forget.

You can also contact the Leeds University Union Student Advice Centre.