Progress Support Process (PSP)

If you are not progressing or engaging as expected, it is essential that problems are identified and responded to as quickly as possible.

Any emerging issues impacting progress or engagement should be addressed at the time they arise, to embed support or actions needed before problems escalate. Delays can turn relatively simple problems into much more complex ones, and can prevent you from getting crucial and timely academic advice and support, and other professional, immigration or financial advice.

The Progress Support Process (PSP) provides a process for responding consistently to academic progression or engagement concerns. The PSP aims to provide a framework to hold discussions at an early stage to ensure that PGRs are informed of the risk to their academic progress, but with an emphasis on early, targeted support to help get back on track with the research and successfully complete. The PSP allows for a case conference-style approach to enable consideration of all necessary factors to be discussed and prioritised. In addition to academic progress and University regulations, these factors may include health considerations, personal/family considerations, immigration advice, compliance with Home Office regulations and financial considerations (including effects on any sponsorship). 

The PSP supersedes the former Unsatisfactory Academic Performance Procedure (UAPP) from 01 August 2022