Find out when your provisional and final results will be available and how to view them online.

You can view your provisional marks and final results through Minerva. If you need to resit any modules, you'll need to submit an online application before the relevant deadline. More information on resits can be found on the results and resit webpage.

Please note the Results and Resit Application pages are not available to view at certain times of the year.  Following the completion of assessment periods, the Results and Resit Application pages are turned off to enable the marks and awards to be processed.  The Results and Resit Application pages will be available for each of the Official Results days as listed in the Student Calendar.

Accessing results and resit application pages

All results and resits application pages are available via Minerva. To access these pages:

  • Log into Minerva
  • On the 'My Leeds' page, in the section 'Tools and Other University Systems', click the link to 'Student Services'. 
  • Click on the ‘Examinations tab’ to view the menu 

Viewing Provisional marks

You will be informed by your teaching school(s) when your provisional marks have been made available online.

Choose “Provisional Marks” from the menu on Examinations tab and choose the appropriate academic year box.

You can find more details on dates for results and resits in the Student Calendar.

Viewing Final results

Choose “Results and Resit Applications” from the menu on the Examinations tab and choose the appropriate academic year box.

Your final results will be released on the following dates during the 2022/2023 session:

  • Undergraduate end-of-session results: Thursday 13 July 2023
  • August resit results (mostly Undergraduate) – Marks: Wednesday 13 September 2023
  • August resit results (mostly Undergraduate) – Classifications: Friday 15 September 2023
  • Postgraduate end-of-session results (including resits): Thursday 23 November 2023

For information on different award statuses please see the Explanation of Award Status page.

Applying to Resit

If you are eligible to resit any modules, you will be able to apply to resit them on the Results and Resit Application page.

Postgraduate students whose marks are still provisional in July can complete the Postgraduate Resit Application Form which is available on the Provisional Marks page.

See the Marking, Results and Resits webpages for more information.

Further help

  • If you're having any problems logging into Student Services, contact the IT Department for help.  The IT contact form can be found on IT Service Desk page.
  • If you can't register for your resit on the online application page, contact the Assessment & Progress Team using the email address:
  • For any other issues, such as advice on module choice or changing degree programme, contact your parent school or the relevant teaching school.