External/carried module resits

If you have any remaining resit opportunities for failed modules, you may be able to retake them as carried modules in the following session, either as an external candidate or alongside your other modules if you have progressed to the next year of study.

Information about your student status and access to facilities as an external student can be found and downloaded in the External Student Guidance PDF. You should first check your eligibility, and you'll also need to find out about how and when to apply, how much your resit will cost and when it is likely to take place. 

External Candidates are only expected to attend University to resit assessments. 


Undergraduate students who have resit opportunities remaining after the August resit period may retake failed modules for a final attempt in the following academic year. 

Postgraduate students who have resit opportunities remaining may be permitted one final attempt as an external candidate in the following academic year.

If you have been granted a "first attempt" resit, you will need to confirm with your parent school if you wish to take it.  If you accept the opportunity to re-sit as a "first attempt", your original mark will be expunged and your result for the re-sit will apply, even if it is lower than your original mark.  Contact your school to find out further information on "first attempts".

How to apply

Apply via the Results and Resit Application page (available through Minerva in Student Services).

When to apply

The application page is available to undergraduates and postgraduates at different times of the year. To apply to resit in 2023, the dates are as follows:

  • Undergraduates will be able to apply online from Wednesday 14 September 2022. The deadline for applications is Friday 28 October 2022. 

  • Postgraduates will be able to apply online from Thursday 24 November 2022. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 30 November 2022.

Resit fees

Resit fees are:

  • £2.00 per credit (ie £20.00 for a 10 credit module), plus
  • £50.00 administration fee (increases to £100 after the deadline). This is a one-off fee, which is the same regardless of how many modules you take.

Resit fees will be charged to your University account after the deadline for resit applications has passed.  You will receive a statement of fees by email and must pay immediately.  Failure to pay will result in late payment administration charges of £20 per month until the debt is repaid in full.  For further information, visit this webpage How to Pay.

Resit assessment dates

You must take assessments when the module is next offered: 

  • Semester 1 modules take place in January
  • Semester 2 modules take place in May/June.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to find out the exact date of an assessment before you apply. This is because we write the timetable once we know which modules students have applied for. You should check the assessment timetable publication dates webpage to find out when your assessment date will be published.

As long as you apply by the deadline, you will be able to view your individual timetable (via Student Services) once it has been published.

Please check that you have been entered for the appropriate assessments, and tell the Assessment & Progress Team immediately about any discrepancies.  Contact the team using the email address Examinations@leeds.ac.uk remembering to include your full name and student ID number in your email.

Assessed-work deadlines

Contact your school directly to find out the deadlines for submitting assessed work.

Cancelling a resit application

Email the Assessment & Progress Team (using the email address Examinations@leeds.ac.uk) to cancel a resit application.  Remember to include your full name, student ID number and module codes of the resits you wish to cancel.

You may only cancel up until the start of the relevant assessment period. After this, your application will stand and any resit fees will still be charged. You will lose an attempt if you do not take the resit.