Assessment periods and timetable publication dates

The University of Leeds will hold examinations/assessments across a number of periods during 2021/2022. 

Which period you will take your examinations/assessments in will depend on your cohort.  Assessments can be held on any day within these periods, including weekends and Bank Holidays, so please make sure that you're available for every assessment session.  Please note your school may set other assessments during the academic year, submission details for these will be given by your school.

The cohorts are:

COHORT 1 – All Undergraduate students (start in September 2021)*

COHORT 2 – Taught Postgraduate students starting in September 2021

COHORT 3 – Leeds University Business School (LUBS) Taught Postgraduate students starting in September 2020

COHORT 4 – Taught Postgraduate students starting on 25 January 2021

COHORT 5 – Taught Postgraduate students starting on 18 January 2021

COHORT 6 – Civil Engineering Taught Postgraduate students starting on 18 January 2021

*Unless returning from temporary leave from the previous session and re-starting in (for example) January.


Assessment timetable dates 2021/2022

January Assessment Period (10 - 21 January 2022)

  • Draft Assessment Timetable (without venues): 26 November 2021 (midday)
  • Assessment Timetable (with venues): 10 December 2021 (midday)

May/June Assessment Periods (16 May - 1 June 2022)

  • Draft Assessment Timetable (without venues): 11 March 2022 (midday)
  • Assessment Timetable (with venues): 22 April 2022 (midday)

August Resit Assessment Period (16 - 26 August 2022)

  • Assessment Timetable (with venues): 1 August 2022 (midday)


Please see Assessment Timetable for more information on the assessment periods for each cohort.