List of exam venues and sub-offices

All major exams are co-ordinated by a sub-office. If you have any problems during your exams, you will be able to get assistance at the sub-office assigned to your exam venue.

Find out which sub-office is responsible for the administration of your exam, and discover its location on campus before you sit your exam.

Exam venues and sub-offices
Exam venue Sub-office 
Baines Wing Main
Blenheim Terrace Main
Business School Main
Chemical and Process Engineering Main
Chemistry Main
Chemistry West Block Main
Civil Engineering Main
Clothworkers Central Main
Clothworkers North Main
Clothworkers South Main
Computer clusters Main
Conference Gallery and Auditorium Sports Hall
EC Stoner Building Sports Hall
The Edge Sports Hall
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Main
Emmanuel Centre Main
English (House 10 Cavendish Road) (SR 1-4) Main
English (House 5 & 9 Cavendish Road) (SR 6-8) Main
Fine Art Main
Gateway Church St Marks Main
Great Hall and room UG09 Main
Gryphon Sports Centre (August exams only) Main
Liberty Building Liberty Building SR (G.28)
20 Lyddon Terrace Main
Mechanical Engineering Main
Michael Sadler Main
Parkinson Main
Riley Smith Theatre - Union Main
Roger Stevens Sports Hall
Social Sciences Main
Worsley Sports Hall

Exam sub-office locations

Exam supervisors at the sub-offices will help you with any exam problems (e.g. lost property, location of rooms, illness). During the January and May/June exams, there are normally three examination sub-offices; in August only one sub-office will be open:

Exam sub-offices and locations
Sub-office Location
Main sub-office (including special circumstances) Michael Sadler SR (LG.19)
Sports Hall sub office The Edge, studio 3
Liberty sub-office Liberty Building, SR (G.28)
August resit sub-office (including special circumstances) Michael Sadler SR (LG.19)