Timetable FAQs for Online Assessments

Below are several frequently asked questions and answers that may help you when looking at your timetable for online assessments. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact your school student education service team.  For information on online assessments see the Online Time Limited Assessments webpage.

Why is my assessment showing as 180 minutes, but my school have said it is 48 hours?

Durations given for modules with an Assessment type of “24/48hr Online Assessment” indicate the amount of time that students are recommended to spend working on that assessment within the larger 24/48hr window.

If you check your assessment type on your web timetable, you will see which modules are 48hr online assessments.

Your school has provided a duration that they would recommend you allocate to this assessment, i.e. if this shows as 180 minutes that is how much time your school think this assessment will take. You will have the 24/48-hour duration stated in which to complete the assessment. Your timetable reflects the time recommended by your school that you should spend in total on the assessment within that 24/48 period.

I thought my assessment was 48hrs, but on the timetable it is showing as 120 minutes and the assessment type just says Online Time Limited Assessment. Is this correct?

If your assessment shows for example a duration of 120 minutes, and the assessment type shows as Online Time Limited Assessment, and does not say 48hr or 24hr, then we have been informed this assessment is open only for the time you can see. If you think this is incorrect, please contact your school.

Will I still have extra time and/or rest breaks in online assessment?

The majority of assessments will be offered within a 48-hour window.  That does not mean that you are expected to work for 48 hours.  Module leaders have been asked to state clearly within the rubric of the paper specific detail around the expected word count, and/or the amount of time they might expect a student to spend writing their paper.  Your timetable will also show a recommended duration that your school have provided for that assessment. If you usually have an extra time allowance, this 48-hour window will incorporate that extra time, along with rest break allowances where relevant.

Any assessment with a completion window of less than 48 hours must be calculated to include the additional time allowance and/or rest breaks you are entitled to. If you have one of these assessment types, which is Online Time-Limited Assessment, your extra time will be reflected in your duration when the final timetable is published.

You should discuss this with your Module Leader or School disability contact.  See the Disability Contacts in Schools webpage if unsure who to contact.

I can’t see my timetable on the UniLeeds App?

The assessment timetable is not currently available on the App. Please check the web timetable following the instructions below, this is the best view of your timetable and gives you access to useful FAQs. You can view your Personal Timetable online via Minerva:

  • Log into Minerva 
  • On the 'My Leeds' page, in the section 'Tools and Other University Systems', click the link to 'Student Services'
  • Go to the Examinations tab
  • Click on the 'My Personal Exam Timetable' link
  • Read the 'Points to note' and click 'Submit'

I have three consecutive assessments. Can I change them?

In a small number of cases students will see three consecutive assessments e.g. morning, afternoon, morning. As the majority of these are 48hr assessments with shorter recommended durations, we will be allowing these consecutive assessments to go ahead as scheduled. You will be able to plan when you wish to do the assessments within each 48hr period to ensure you don’t have consecutive assessments or clashes.

I have another assessment starting during the 48hr period of a different assessment. Is this correct?

The large number of University assessments taking place during the assessment period makes it difficult to avoid overlapping 48hr assessments on some occasions. The recommended duration and the 48hr window provided will allow you to plan your workload in advance so that you can complete all assessments within the period allowed.

Why does my timetable say I have to be available for the entire published assessment period?

This refers to the entirety of the formal assessment period. Whilst an assessment may be scheduled for a certain date, due to last minute unforeseen circumstances could require us to move that earlier or later – hence the requirement you are available. Whilst changes may occur to the draft version, they are less likely to happen once the final version is released. There are exceptional reasons when we must make a change, but this will be avoided as much as possible.

I am taking my online assessments in my home country and my assessment timetable shows the start time as 09:00 hours for my assessment, is this 09:00 hours UK time or 09:00 hours in my home country?

The University of Leeds Assessment Timetables are built using the GMT/BST times.  If your assessment timetable shows you have an Online Time Limited Assessment scheduled to start at 09:00 hours, this is GMT/BST time.

Last updated 31/03/22