Conference Auditorium Building

Examinations are normally held in two rooms:  Conference Gallery and Conference Auditorium 2

The Conference Auditorium Building is located to the rear of The Edge.   See the Campus map webpage to view the whole campus.

Directions to the Conference Auditorium Building

Directions (facing away from Parkinson steps):

Turn right, go straight down the hill to the E C Stoner Building, turn left down a short hill and go under the building. Go straight ahead until you get to Willow Terrace Road, The Edge is in front of you.  Turn left, then turn right into the car park, follow the path round to the back of The Edge.  The Conference Auditorium Building will now be visible across the car park to the right.

Accessible directions:

As standard directions but view the AccessAble Access Guide website for more information

Accessing the Different Venues

Conference Auditorium 2

Go through the main doors, go through two sets of double doors on the right, and follow the corridor to Conference Auditorium 2.

Conference Gallery

Go through the main doors, go through the double doors on the left, the Gallery is at the top of the stairs.