Gateway Church St Marks

This quiet building is located just off campus and will be used to hold University exams during the January and May/June exam periods. 


Gateway Church St Marks
St Mark’s Road, Leeds, LS2 9AF


Two rooms will be used in the building for exams:

Main Hall – accessed via the entrance to the right of the Tower

Upstairs – accessed via the Tower entrance and staircase (lift access is also available in the Tower)

Both entrances will be clearly sign-posted.


The closest point on campus to Gateway Church St Marks is the main entrance to the School of Mechanical Engineering on Woodhouse Lane.  From this point find an appropriate way to cross Woodhouse Lane and walk towards the Eldon Pub, which is on the corner of Woodhouse Lane and St. Mark’s Street.  Walk down St. Mark’s Street.  You will see the clock tower of Gateway Church St Marks ahead.  When you get to the bottom of the street, cross St. Mark’s Road and use the relevant entrance to get to your venue.

View map of location

Watch video directions (from the front of Parkinson Building)