Register your graduation choice

You’ll need to register your graduation intentions by the 14 June. 

We are hoping to open graduation registration on the 11 May through Minerva where you will be able to register your graduation choice.  

See the dates and times on the graduation schedule.

You have until the 14 June to register your graduation choice. 

Your Graduation options are:

  • Attend your July 2023 degree ceremony 
  • Defer your graduation to an alternative one in December or July 2024
  • Receive your certificate by post 

How to register your graduation choice

  1. log into Minerva using your IT username and password
  2. Click on the Access Student Services icon in the tool bar on the top right 
  3. Click the Registration and Student Records tab
  4. Click the Graduation Ceremony link at the bottom of the page
  5. Click the ceremony link to enter the system
  6. You are now in the system, go through each step to register your choice

If you no longer have access to Minerva please email

Attend a ceremony

After registering to attend you will receive a confirmation email within 5 working days, we do ask for a personal email address during registration as your student account will be deactivated once you finish. 

Defer your graduation

If you choose to be invited to an alternative graduation session we will contact you.  If you select December 2023 we will contact you in October 2023 by email to invite you to register and book tickets.  If you select July 2024 we will contact you in May 2024.  

Receive your certificate by post

If you choose to have your documents posted you will receive once degree certificate and transcript together in a hard-backed envelope.