2021 graduation arrangements

Recently we asked you about your graduation experience and how you'd prefer to celebrate your successes, whether your course ends this year or you completed your studies in 2020.

Almost 5,000 of you responded and we've used your feedback to shape our plans.

  • Only 17 per cent of you said you wanted a virtual graduation ceremony
  • 94 per cent of 2020 graduates told us they still wanted a formal graduation ceremony
  • The three things you said mattered most were having family and friends with you, being on campus, and being able to wear academic dress

With this in mind, we will ensure that everyone who graduated in 2020, and those of you due to graduate in 2021, are able to attend an in-person graduation ceremony, in the Great Hall with academic dress. Because of current restrictions, we can't give you a date as to when this will be, but are planning for it to be in Spring 2022. We'll share more detail as soon as we can, and with at least three months' notice so you can make arrangements to attend.

We understand that some of you may be disappointed that graduation celebrations won't be held this summer. We felt that with the uncertainty about what COVID-19 restrictions we might need to have in place and the time needed to plan graduation ceremonies it was preferable to plan activities we are confident we can deliver and save you the inconvenience of booking travel and making arrangements to attend an event that may be cancelled. However, we are determined to ensure that you will have the chance to mark your achievements.


Digital confirmation of your award

You will of course receive a digital confirmation of your award shortly after the award date (due to be sent 21 July), which you can use as proof of your qualification with employers. Your degree certificate will be posted to you over the Summer. 

We understand that due to the current situation, your time at Leeds may not have ended how you would have wanted. We want you to have the celebration you deserve and while this may be delayed, we are committed to giving you a celebration of your time at Leeds that properly reflects your amazing achievements.