The Graduate Record of Achievement and Development (GRAD) is the University record keeping system for all postgraduate researchers. 

GRAD lets you arrange: 

You are also able to: 

  • Upload files and reports 
  • Record training that you take part in 
  • Request annual leave  
  • Tell your Graduate School if you will be away from your studies (an authorised absence) 
  • Tell your Graduate School if you will be away from Leeds for a period of time (a change of study location) 

It is mandatory that you use it throughout your studies, especially for recording supervision meetings. Just logging into GRAD and browsing will help you understand the process and steps of your research degree. GRAD user guides can be found on your GRAD homepage and a selection of video guides are linked at the bottom of this page.  

You can use your GRAD record to find the name of your Director of Postgraduate Research Studies (DPGRS). Once logged in, go to “My record” and then “Postgraduate research project” and your postgraduate research programme details will come up. Your DPGRS is listed under the title “Postgraduate Research Tutor” (this is an old title for the DPGRS). You might see more than one name, this indicates the DPGRS and deputy DPGRS names. You can also see a named contact in your Graduate School. 

To read more about what your DPGRS does, please go to our Committees and Representation page on the For Students website

If you have any problems using the system, please contact your Graduate School. If you are facing any challenges that are affecting your studies, you are encouraged to make your supervisor aware and record a summary of the conversation in a GRAD meeting record. 

If you have any technical issues, please contact the IT Helpdesk

Video guides for common tasks in GRAD

Welcome to GRAD 
Transfer process 
Sharing notes before a supervisory meeting 
Sharing notes after a supervisory meeting 
Progress report