Personalised examination arrangements

If you're disabled, ill, taking assessments abroad or unable to take an assessment due to religious observance, then special arrangements may be made for you. Find out what kind of adjustments can be made in order to enable you to sit your assessments, and how to notify us if you need to have special arrangements put in place.

Please note, the majority of assessments in 2022 will be online.  You should liaise with your school to understand how you will be assessed.

If you have any queries about the information on the page please contact the Assessment & Progress Team using the email address

Religious Observance and Assessments

Information about what you can do if you are unable to attend assessments on Sabbaths, holy days or religious festivals (including Eid), is available on the Religious Observance and Assessments webapge.

Further information relating to Ramadan can be found on the Support and Wellbeing webpage. 

Taking exams abroad

Please note that in 20222 as the majority of assessments will be online exams will not be arranged abroad.  For information on how you will be assessed please contact your school.

Information on eligibility to take your resit exams (or approved further first attempt) abroad, how to apply and charges you may incur are available on the Taking Assessments Abroad webpage.

If you are a semester 1 exchange student and the University of Leeds examination/assessment period in January clashes with your home institution’s teaching patterns, visit the Taking Assessments Abroad webpage to find out what you need to do to take your exams at your home institution.


If you need any Assessment Access Arrnagements to be made for you so that you can take your exams and assessments then it is your responsibility to let your school know. You also need to contact the Disability Team as soon as possible to have a needs assessment.  You can contact the Team using the email address or by calling 0113 343 3927.

For more information see the Assessment Access Arrangements webpage.


If you are absent from an exam/assessment or believe that your performance has been affected by illness or other adverse circumstances, you can apply for mitigating circumstances.  More information can be found on the Mitigating Circumstances Guidance webpage.

Temporary exam arrangements due to illness and disability or other reasons

If you need temporary modified exam arrangements to be made for you due to illness or disability or another reason then contact your parent school to submit a request with up to date medical evidence (a medical note dated within four weeks before the start of the assessment period).  The school will liaise with the Assessment & Progress Team to see what temporary arrangements can be put in place.

You will receive an email from the Assessment & Progress Team once your arrangements have been made.

Queries about your alternative exam arrangements

Your personal examination and assessment timetable can be viewed through Minerva.

Once the final timetable with venues has been published, your personal timetable will be updated to include any extra writing time you are entitled to in the duration alongside each exam.  Special Circumstances venues will be indicated with a suffix of "SC" after the room name.  For more information on when the timetable will be published see the Timetable Publication Dates webpage.

If you have any queries regarding your Assessment Access Arrangements contact the Assessment & Progress Special Circumstances Team using the email address Include your student ID number and the module code of your exam/assessment in the email.