Code of Practice on Assessment (Taught Students)

The University gives general information relating to assessment of students in its code of practice on assessment. Academic schools provide more specific local guidance in their own school code of practice.

University Code of Practice on Assessment

  1. The University will give all students and staff access to the ordinances and regulations and clear and transparent rules for award for all programmes of study.
  2. Schools must have, and update annually, a Code of Practice on Assessment that provides clear information for students and staff on all school assessment policies and practices.
  3. Schools will provide clear information on assessment requirements and deadlines for each module which, as well as being published in handbooks or made available online, will be discussed with students.
  4. Schools will give students the opportunity to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to meet the assessment requirements in the discipline.
  5. Students will be given the opportunity to undertake formative assessment: that is, work that will allow students and staff to monitor performance.
  6. Schools will seek to ensure, as far as possible, a reasonable spread of assessment deadlines.
  7. Schools will have procedures to securely collect and record the receipt of major pieces of assessed coursework.
  8. Transparent assessment criteria will be available for all forms of assessment so that students can judge their performance against them.
  9. Schools will clearly notify students of the deadlines for the return of assessed work and feedback.
  10. Schools will provide opportunities, within an appropriate timescale, for written and/or oral feedback on all assessed coursework.
  11. Schools will provide the opportunity for students to receive oral feedback, online feedback, model answers or some other appropriate mechanism on performance in examinations.
  12. The school code of practice on assessment will be considered annually by the Student Staff Partnership Forum.
  13. The dean of faculty is responsible for ensuring that schools comply with this code of practice. 

School Code of Practice on Assessment

Each School will have a code of practice on assessment (CoPA) which is based on a University template and describes local arrangements for assessment and related matters. The quality assurance team annually publishes the template and approved School CoPAs: