Taking exams abroad

If you live outside the UK or are studying abroad as part of your programme it may be possible for you to sit your exams overseas.

If you have a question about your examination and assessments after the Easter Vacation please see the guidance and advice on the Coronavirus (FAQs).  

We will not be arranging overseas examinations in overseas Institutions and British Councils for the Semester 2 examination period. Information on assessments and examinations are found on the Coronavirus website and the information provided in the student education arrangements communication that was sent to students. Student Education and Exams. 


You may be eligible to take your resit (or approved further first attempt) exams abroad if:

  • Your home address is outside the UK.
  • You are working or studying abroad as part of your programme.
  • You are an exchange student who has already returned home.
  • You are a semester 1 exchange student and the University of Leeds exam period in January clashes with your home institution’s teaching patterns, see the Exchange students studying in Semester 1 only section below. 

If you live outside the UK, the location that you apply to resit at, must be in your home country.  The assessment must be suitable to be taken outside the University and a suitable exam environment must be available (e.g. British Council; home university).

How to Apply

You can apply to take resit exams overseas at the same time as applying for your resits on the Results and Resit Application page. This page is available via Minerva when final results are released. 

You need to check with your teaching school(s) that any resit exams you wish to take can be held outside of the University.

Overseas applications are only applicable if your reassessment is for written examinations. If your reassessment is coursework only, you are only required to indicate your intention to resit.

To apply to resit overseas, continue down the Resit Application page to the heading "Taking exams abroad" and click on the link provided.  On the next page, enter the country and city (e.g. location of British Council) in which you wish to resit your exam(s).  Make sure you select the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page.

If you've been granted first attempt resits, you can apply to take them overseas by emailing the Exams Team. Make sure you include your full name, ID number and the country and city where you wish to sit your exams. 


A standard fee of £50 will be charged for arranging exams overseas. This is in addition to the normal resit fees you may be required to pay.

You may also have to pay a separate fee to the hosting institution (e.g. British Council) for their services. You will need to contact them for further information.

Therefore you may be required to pay three separate fees:

  1. Standard resit fee (£2 per credit plus £50 administration fee (increased to £100 after the deadline)), payable to the University of Leeds.
  2. £50 overseas exam fee, payable to University of Leeds.
  3. Any additional fees charged by the British Council or hosting institution, payable directly to them.

Deadlines to apply for overseas resits

Each exam period has a separate deadline for students wishing to apply for overseas resits.  The Exams Team will endeavour to make all necessary arrangements for applications received by the deadline.  However, if an application is received after the deadline, there is no guarantee that arrangements can be made.  If arrangements cannot be put in place, you will be sent an email to inform you that you must return to Leeds to take your exams.

Semester 1 exams:
The deadline to apply for overseas resits in Semester 1 is Wednesday 27 November 2019.  (If you are a Semester 1 exchange student and the University of Leeds exam period in January clashes with your home institution's teaching patterns, see the Exchange students studying in Semester 1 only section below).

Semester 2 exams:
The deadline to apply for overseas resits in Semester 2 is Friday 17 April 2020.

August resit period:
The deadline to apply for overseas resits in August is Friday 17 July 2020.

Exam timetables 

Timetables for exams taking place in Leeds will be published via Minerva.  If you have applied by the deadline to take exams overseas, please ignore this timetable as an individual timetable will be emailed to you as soon as possible after the "Exam timetable with venues" has been published.  This will include information about the arrangements that have been put in place for you.  

To find out when the "Exam timetable with venues" will be available for each exam period, see Exam periods and timetable publication dates.

Exchange students studying in semester 1 only

  • If you are on an exchange programme and there is a clash between the University of Leeds exam times and your home institution’s teaching patterns, contact your parent school as soon as possible.
  • If you are studying modules that are assessed by a formal examination in January and the start date of Semester 2 at your home university clashes with the January exam session, you are usually allowed to take your January exams at your home university. However, occasionally the format of an assessment dictates that it must be taken in Leeds.

You must print out and complete an application to take January exams at your home university, and also:

  • Obtain approval from your home university, providing an official letter from them confirming the dates.
  • Check with the teaching school for each of your modules that the assessment can be taken away from Leeds, and get a signature and a stamp on the form.
  • Scan the form and any supporting evidence and submit this to the Exams Team
  • Complete the form by 27th November 2019.

For more information on any of the above, contact the Exams Team