What to do if you can’t access Minerva

Sometimes Minerva won’t be available, for example if we are carrying out maintenance work on the system. You can find out about any scheduled service interruptions on the Minerva blog.

If there is ever an issue that is unplanned, we’ll let you know when the service is back up and running, in office hours, on the IT service status page.

If you have any questions or concerns about how being unable to access Minerva has affected you, please contact your school.

For further information on the different systems available online for all your assessments see the Systems for online assessments page.

If your revision is interrupted

While Minerva is unavailable you won’t be able to access teaching materials, such as video recordings of your lectures (Lecture Capture), digitised reading list material (online course readings) and lecture slides. You will still be able to access reading lists and past assessment papers and consult the assessment timetable. General advice on revision and exams is available on the Library website. If your revision has been affected because you are unable to access Minerva, please contact your school.

If you are unable to submit work through Minerva

If Minerva is not available when you’re trying to submit work, there are three things you need to do.

  1. You’ll need to record some details: take a screenshot of any error messages and make a note of the page you were trying to access. Write down the date, time and your location. If you’re in an IT cluster, make a note of the PC number.
  2. Please report the issue to the IT service desk through the IT website – this means we’ll have a record of your issue and you’ll be given a reference number in case you need to show that your attempt at submission has been affected. They may ask for all the details above. You should also include your module code and assignment name, and your contact information.
  3. Make sure you let the school that teaches your module know what has happened – they will help if a deadline is affected because of issues with Minerva. If you think you’re going to miss a submission deadline, send the school the above details that you recorded for IT.

When you have submitted your work, make sure you keep your submission receipt email.

View our guidance on submitting work and online assessments.

If you need to register as a student

You can go directly to student services to register. See further information about how to register.

If you need to access any systems that are usually available through Minerva

Many of the systems you access through Minerva are available through other routes, at the below links: