Systems for online assessment

Online assessments can be carried out using different digital education systems available at the University. Where you have been set an assessment via one of these systems, the guidance given on this page on how to use the system will be helpful.


Current service status and reporting issues

Information on the current service status of the University’s digital education systems can be found here. Please ensure that you report any issues being experienced via the IT Service Desk to enable the severity of an issue to be understood.

Technical issues during online assessments

You will have been provided with details of how to contact your school for support during your online time limited assessment. If you experience technical difficulties during an online time limited assessment, you should contact your school as soon as possible to make them aware of this. Please note that IT issues are not normally accepted as Mitigating Circumstances.



Submit a Turnitin paper

Submit a Turnitin assignment video

How to get your Turnitin receipt




Submitting assessments including electronic and handwritten documents and answers via Online Assignment

Submitting scanned documents




Top Hat Test and Top Hat pages

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Top Hat Test

An overview of taking a Top Hat Test from a student perspective

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Top Hat Pages

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Minerva test

Information and tips on taking tests in Minerva