Recordings of teaching sessions

The University’s position on students making their own personal recordings of taught sessions is that personal recordings are only permitted in exceptional circumstances, such as where a student has a disability which impacts on their ability to take their own handwritten notes.        

The University's Policy on Audio on Video Recording for Educational Purposes was updated in June 2020, and can be found here:

Lecture Capture and personal recordings

In most cases, your lectures will be recorded using the Lecture Capture system, and you should use this rather making your own recording whenever possible.   Some teaching staff may not make Lecture Capture recordings available to all students in your group, but they may make recordings available to students who are registered with Disability Services.  You can ask the member of staff teaching you about this.  

If your teaching session is not recorded using Lecture Capture, or you still require personal recordings, you should discuss this with your Module Leader so they can assist you in arranging this.   The Module Leader will manage the requirement for gaining permission from other members of the group without identifying you.

Exceptions to personal recordings

There may be some taught sessions where sensitive information is being discussed, and teaching staff or your fellow students may not wish to be recorded.  In these instances, you should not use your recording device and you will need to discuss alternative note-taking strategies with your Module Leader.

Making personal recordings

If you do make personal audio recordings for disability related reasons, you must agree to the following statement:

I agree that any recordings I make are for my own educational purposes and will not be reproduced, played, or passed on to anyone else.  I understand that evidence of any breach of this agreement may lead to disciplinary procedures.

If you agree with this statement please could you click on this link and complete your details:

Further information and advice

If you are unclear about the Audio Video Recording Policy, or your ability to make personal recordings, please contact us or talk with your Module Leader or the Disability Contact within your School.