Your personal tutor

Your personal tutor will play an important role in supporting your academic and personal development both through a planned series of personal tutorial meetings and at other times when you need advice on those aspects of your life at the University. 

Your personal tutor will be a member of the academic staff in your school who will have a good understanding of the opportunities available to you and you can speak to them in complete confidence. 

Meeting your personal tutor

You will have pre-arranged one-to-one personal tutorials three times in your first year and twice a year thereafter. These meetings are compulsory and you should take time to prepare for each one to ensure you get the most out of them. The LeedsforLife website includes web-forms to help you to prepare for each meeting, giving you the opportunity to tell your personal tutor about anything you want to discuss. Your tutor may use the form you send to let you know if you need to do anything else to prepare for the meeting, and to give you feedback after the meeting. 

You can find out who your personal tutor is by logging in to LeedsforLife.